Be Safe When You Pave

Rose Paving / September 15, 2010

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Paving safelyPaving a busy parking lot can pose a dangerous situation to drivers, pedestrians, and even workers if the proper precautions are not taken.  Rose Paving requires that all of our team members complete safety training each year and we reinforce what we learn during “tool-box” talks on a biweekly basis.  Before starting a paving project on your site, be sure the following safety tips are followed:

  1. There should be an adequate amount of barricades (equipped with lights for night-time use) and/or cones in order to safely enclose the area that is being worked on as well as prevent traffic from entering the area. String and caution tape may also be used to block off sections.
  2. Make sure the area barricaded off is large enough so that passersby are not too close to machines or work in progress.  A safe distance is necessary to prevent exposure to open flames, sparks, fumes, and dust/debris from a construction zone.
  3. All workers should be dressed in the proper attire to ensure visibility to everyone in the construction zone.  This includes wearing brightly colored shirts and vests with reflective tape.
  4. Have the proper Personal Protection Equipment (P.P.E.) on-site at all times and make sure all workers are using the equipment to help prevent injuries.  This includes wearing protective gloves, eyeglasses, hard hats, hearing protection, etc.
  5. Ensure proper traffic control.  Posting directional signs or having a flagger directing traffic will help keep individuals outside of the construction site.  It will also help people recognize that work is being done and that they need to slow down or use an alternate route.
  6. Designate specific entry/exit routes for the trucks and equipment to help avoid collisions or other car accidents from occurring on-site.  Although workers may know where to go, the general public can become confused.

Thank you to Josh Garrett, national project coordinator, for contributing these on-the-job safety tips for this week’s post.  If you have any questions or would like more information on safety in paving, please comment below.