Name this Place

Rose Paving / February 26, 2014

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Name this placeFrom time-to-time we like to quiz and reward our blog readers, just to perk up the work week!  A fan favorite is our “Name This Place” contest.  As you know, Rose Paving is celebrating our fortieth year in business and, throughout four decades, we have performed parking lot maintenance on many properties ranging from big-box stores, restaurants, and hotels to office buildings, schools, and everything in between.   We are proud to work closely with clients in varying markets, each with their own unique business challenges.  It has afforded us many opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt our operations to fit with our clients’ ever-changing needs.

That said, we have an arsenal full of completed projects.  See if you can identify the client property pictured to the right.  What a nice-looking parking lot; it certainly makes a great first impression!

The first reader to leave a reply below with the correct answer will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks.  Only the name of the property is necessary, not the city or state.

And, remember, if your parking lot is in need of a little TLC, please contact us.  After all, a well-maintained parking lot can help score new business!

Stay tuned for additional quizzes and contests throughout the year…