Maintenance Madness

Rose Paving / March 12, 2014

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maintenance madnessWe’re fast approaching Maintenance Madness, oops, I mean March Madness!  There will be cheering, jeering, underdogs, and favored teams all competing in game-after-game of college hoops.  A fun time for all…  Or, is it?  Unfortunately, this month is also known for other opponents.  Snow, ice, and excess rainwater wreak havoc on pavement causing maintenance madness in March.  Fortunately, we’ve got the number-one defense: asphalt removal and replacement.

Water that is trapped beneath the surface of pavement expands and contracts with changing weather conditions. This widens existing cracks and may even result in pavement heaving and large potholes.  Guard against these pavement liabilities with proactive procedures designed to help keep your properties in top condition so your customers, like the collegiate athletes, can drive with ease.

Removal and replacement is the best, long-term solution for potholes, pavement heaving, rutting, and broken/damaged asphalt or concrete.  Areas are saw-cut or milled and the existing deteriorated asphalt is removed to the approximate specified depth. Existing stone base is compacted and tack coat is applied to the perimeter of patches to guarantee proper bonding.  Hot asphalt is installed and compacted with a multi-ton vibratory roller and/or vibratory plate.

Infrared asphalt repair is another option well suited for defects near transitional areas where asphalt meets concrete, areas around catch basins, or for rough surfaces in drive lanes or parking stalls.  This technology blends new hot-mix asphalt into the original pavement to create a seamless restoration.  Damaged asphalt is heated to 325 degrees for 5 or 10 minutes, raked to remove failed aggregate, and sprayed with a rejuvenator to replenish lost oils due to oxidation.  Once the material has been placed, it is compacted by vibratory plates.

Act now before liabilities turn into lawsuits!  Contact your Rose Paving representative today and leave the “Madness” to the pros!