Rose Paving Office Olympics Wrap Up

Rose Paving / August 15, 2012

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To commemorate this year’s Summer Olympics in London, our “Great Place to Work” team held our very own Office Olympics, Rose Paving style.   We held six events during the course of the Office Olympics (July 30th through August 10th): Football Toss, Water Balloon Toss, Rubber Band Archery, Golf Chipping, Bean Bag Toss, Barricade Relay, and a Closing Ceremony – complete with podiums and medals.

Rose Paving Olympics - Medals
Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Individual events were scored by a point system, and the last event (barricade relay) carried the most points, so it was anyone’s game at the end!  The top three teams with the most overall points were declared the winners.  Afterwards, we all enjoyed a Greek-inspired catered lunch and yummy desserts from all the countries represented (USA, France, Australia, Mexico and Croatia).

Here are the official results:

Gold: Team Australia (17 total points)

Silver: Team Croatia (8 total points)

Bronze:Team Mexico (7 total points)

Rose Paving Olympics
Champions atop the podiums

Honorable Mention:Team USA and Team France (5 points each)

Visit our Facebook page for our photos from these exciting two weeks!

We would also like to congratulate all the participants and medal winners in the 2012 London Olympics.  What a thrill!