Asphalt and Parking Lot Maintenance in Mid-Atlantic Region

Rose Paving is the Mid-Atlantic Region's most-trusted commercial paving and parking lot maintenance company.
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Rose Paving is the preferred paving company in the Mid-Atlantic region. As the largest parking lot management company in the U.S., Rose Paving brings over 50 years of paving experience to the paving and parking lot needs of the largest commercial brands in North America. 

Now servicing the Mid-Atlantic region, Rose Paving ensures your business or organization’s parking lots, concrete and paving needs are compliant, safe, beautiful, and well-maintained.

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Mid-Atlantic Region Asphalt Maintenance Services and Preventative Solutions

Rose Paving Mid-Atlantic Region offers a number of Parking Lot Planning, Paving, and Preventative Maintenance services, including:

Whether you need minor routine parking lot maintenance, or a total reconstruction, Rose Paving Mid-Atlantic Region takes a systematic, long-term approach to asphalt and concrete maintenance. Exact procedures may vary from customer to customer, but the quality of our service is always on point.
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Asphalt pavement is utilized in a variety of different applications.
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Infrared Repair

If you notice potholes, pavement heaving, uneven surfaces surrounding catch basins, or rough surfaces in drive lanes or parking stalls, it’s time to consider infrared repair. This unique method blends hot-mix asphalt right in with the original and then compacts the area to create a seamless restoration.
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Parking lot bollards, sometimes called “barrier posts”, are short, protective posts that are embedded into the ground and serve as a parking lot safety barrier to protect pedestrians and buildings from car accidents.
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Lot Marking

The benefits of pavement marking and parking lot striping extend far beyond the aesthetic of your asphalt.
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Storm Drains

Catch Basin

Catch basins are a parking lot’s best friend when wet weather hits. As the first line of defense against heavy rain, catch basins collect and drain pavement runoff to prevent standing water on your lot.
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A sealcoat consists of either refined tar pitch or asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, emulsifying agents, and additives. Applied in thin coats, pavement sealcoating is used to protect off-highway pavement surfaces against gasoline, oil, salt, water, and ultraviolet rays.
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Rose Paving is well-equipped to perform a wide variety of concrete repairs to curbs, sidewalks, dumpster pads and concrete raising. We also offer concrete caulking and concrete patching services upon request.
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Sport Surface and Athletic Court Maintenance

Rose Paving is well experienced in maintaining tennis and basketball courts for HOA and apartment communities throughout the city and suburbs as well as for our Hospitality and Education market clients. Whether the surface requires crack sealing, re-striping, or resurfacing, our professionals can complete most projects within a week with weather favorable conditions.
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Cracksealing prevents water and debris from accumulating within the cracks of your asphalt surface. This is especially important in the Mid-Atlantic Region, where rain and humidity are frequent.
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Servicing the Parking Lot and Concrete Needs of the Mid-Atlantic Region

From preventative parking lot maintenance to complete asphalt repair, Rose Paving brings over 50 years of experience to each job site. We have extensive knowledge in a full range of paving services, including cracksealing, sealcoating, asphalt resurfacing, pavement marking, concrete and more. If you’re ready to receive the best in pavement excellence and the longest parking lot lifespan for your business while eliminating the guesswork and unbudgeted expenses, reach out to a Rose Paving Account Executive near you today.

Commercial Asphalt Paving in the Mid-Atlantic

Rose Paving offers parking lot services in the Mid-Atlantic region, with our headquarters located in Illinois and a number of other Local Divisions across the U.S. We proudly serve the greater DMV and Washington D.C. area, extending to Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Nationwide coverage across the United States is what sets Rose Paving apart from other local service providers. Contact us today for a free parking lot assessment to learn how a local Rose Paving team near you can support your parking lot maintenance needs.

Local Parking Lot Maintenance and Asphalt Repair

A well-maintained parking lot is essential for any commercial business. Your parking lot is the face of your establishment, which means any signs of disrepair on that face, like cracks, dips, potholes, or faded lot marking lines are instantly noticeable to customers. By prioritizing proactive parking lot maintenance, you prioritize pedestrian safety. Preventative parking lot maintenance plans reduce the risk of accidents and liabilities for your company. Adhering to ADA regulations is an important requirement that ensures safe and clearly-designated accessible areas and properly marked lot lines.

Top Rated and Award Winning Asphalt and Parking Lot Maintenance

I really enjoy working with the Rose Paving Team, I never have to worry when I need something done because they are immediately there. Very responsive and helpful. Every project given to them has been done in a timely manner and smooth sailing. Not only are my tenants happy with their work but I am ecstatic.

I really enjoy working with the Rose Paving Team, I never have to worry when I need something done because they are immediately there. Very responsive and helpful. Every project given to them has been done in a timely manner and smooth sailing. Not only are my tenants happy with their work but I am ecstatic

Rose did great work for me at my client properties!  I used them for sidewalk tear-out and replacements as well as asphalt crackseal, seal-coat, and infrared repairs.  I look forward to working with them more in the future and I would highly recommend them to my peers in the industry!

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Industries/Markets We Serve

Rose Paving Mid-Atlantic Region has decades of experience in asphalt and concrete maintenance across a wide range of markets.
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Rose Paving Mid-Atlantic Region has an efficient and proven process to help retail facility professionals prioritize parking lot maintenance, make a great impression on customers/employees, and save valuable time for the ever-busy facility manager.
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To compete in a marketplace saturated with hotels and restaurants, facility managers in the hospitality industry must provide clean, safe, and comfortable environments. Our parking lot management solutions deliver cost-effective results that improve longevity and appearance of parking lots, maximize traffic flow, and save facility managers valuable time.
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Real Estate

A well-maintained parking lot is a key component of a highly valued property. Rose Paving specializes in parking lot evaluations, catching defects, and a proactive process known as Pavement Management Planning, meant to reduce decision-making time and effort on behalf of property managers.
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Homeowners Associations

One of the prime drivers of satisfaction with community association homeownership is overall community appearance. Rose Paving has 48+ years of experience helping community associations nationwide manage the maintenance and repair of communal parking areas, streets, and/or pathways.
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Business/Consumer Services

In the fast-paced business environment, a lot depends on the right timing. This is especially true with parking lot maintenance. Rose Paving can help busy facility executives catch defects and correct them when repairs are most economical. Work can also be scheduled in stages or performed after-hours so that business continues uninterrupted.
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Educational institutions need a system in place to keep facilities healthy, clean, and well maintained on an on-going basis. Parking lots are no exception. When short on staff and time, it is especially important to consult the experts in parking lot management. Rose Paving performs on-site evaluations of parking areas and can educate facility managers on how to spot warning signs of pavement failure.
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Patient care and safety go hand in hand. A properly maintained parking lot aids in directing patients and personnel quickly and safely around the facility. Rose Paving stays current on all regulations, including ADA guidelines, to ensure projects are completed within specifications. We understand that your budget is critical and we will work with you to make repairs when they are most economical.
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Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are extremely busy facilities. Not only do they nourish souls, but most provide community services throughout the week as well. With such continuous use, it is no wonder that religious facilities are in constant need of maintenance. Parking lots are no exception. Rose Paving performs on-site evaluations of parking areas and can educate facilities personnel on how to spot warning signs of pavement failure.
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Reach out to Rose Paving today to experience the difference that over 50 years of expertise and dedication can make for your parking lot maintenance needs. Whether you're in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, or beyond, Rose Paving is here to support you every step of the way. Request a quote or schedule a consultation to get started on transforming your parking lot into a safe, beautiful, and well-maintained asset for your business.

Contact the award-winning team of nationwide paving experts at Rose Paving by filling out the form below, or by calling us at 888-773-ROSE.

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