Rose Paving Honors our 2023 Women of Asphalt

Rose Paving / March 01, 2023

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To kick off Women’s History Month we are celebrating Rose Paving’s very own Women of Asphalt. We are thankful to each of them for being valuable assets of our team and paving the way to a brighter future. Read on to learn more about their unique stories and experiences over the years.

Jaclyn | Account Executive | Southern California

JaclynWith over four years of experience, Jaclyn can attest that people are often surprised when they find out she works in the paving industry saying, “They don’t realize it is such a large industry and that there is a place for women in it.” To this notion, Jaclyn recognizes that people will make assumptions and apply stereotypes. “It’s important to focus on your work and know you are capable of the job, or else you wouldn’t be there,” she advises.

What is Jaclyn most proud of? Building a solid clientele and her understanding of the industry and what it takes to be successful in her position. She says, “I take a lot of pride in the amount of work I’ve put in to get where I am, and I’m passionate about upholding my personal and professional reputation with Rose Paving.”

Tanya | Account Executive | Nashville

TanyaTanya’s favorite thing about her job at Rose Paving? Her customers!

Though she admits being a female in this industry has its challenges, explaining that it can be difficult to convince some customers to trust her. But Tanya overcomes those challenges, noting that educating those customers typically puts them at ease.

Tanya is hopeful for the future and wants her role to inspire others. In fact, she finds the industry inclusive of women. “Especially at Rose—they are intentional about giving women a chance and hiring them,” she says.

Tina | Account Executive | Nashville

TinaTina is no “newbie” in the paving industry—she came to Rose with over 30 years of experience! During that time she has learned, “Nothing is impossible as long as you set your mind to it.” She has also witnessed the industry changing by “hiring more women due to the fact they see women can bring in new perspectives and skill sets that are needed to help with growth.”

Tina’s favorite part of the job? Building customer relationships. And she’s clearly great at it, stating her greatest “win” was selling a million dollar job. In looking towards the future, Tina hopes more women see there’s a spot for them in the paving industry.

Maria | Account Manager | National Division

MariaMaria is a true team player. “I love working with people in different fields,” she says. “We all contribute something and offer different views. Seeing your hard work pays off at the end of the day.” She also loves the fast-paced environment of the paving industry and tells us, “There are new opportunities each day to grow in your position or to try out different roles. You are working to improve people’s business and lives.”

Maria says Rose Paving defies the stereotype that the asphalt and paving industry is male-dominated. “Working at Rose Paving has really changed my mindset on how wrong people are. Someone is always willing to teach you the ropes,” she says.

Teri | Marketing Coordinator | Corporate Division

TeriAs a Rose Paving team member for 18 years, Teri is no stranger to the paving and asphalt industry. Still, people have the stereotypical reaction when they find out about her career. “At first, they think it’s just another archaic construction company, until I describe the culture, the camaraderie, and the teamwork. Then they ask if we are hiring!” she says, continuing, “It’s a great place to work! Rose Paving makes the industry professional and fun at the same time.” What’s better than that?

Over the years, Teri has learned, “Women can be passionate about parking lots! Even off hours, my family notices me making comments about a lot that is in bad shape and the noticeable liabilities. Time to leave a business card at that point.”

It’s clear paving and asphalt run deep for Teri. When she first started, operations and sales were male-dominated but now, she sees more and more women in these roles. “It’s so awesome to see the transformation. Girl power!”