Rose Paving Celebrates Our Women Of Asphalt in 2022

Rose Paving / March 02, 2022

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At Rose Paving, we support and encourage women to embark in careers in the asphalt and paving industry. We invite you to get to know some of our amazing Women of Asphalt in the features below.

Amanda Simmons | Account Executive | Chicago

With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, Amanda Simmons loves the fast-paced, always-changing dynamic of construction. She entered the asphalt paving industry partly because her father was in the construction industry for over 30 years, and she wanted to be around the great people in the industry.

One of her favorite parts of the job? “Working hand and hand with operations, team foreman and superintendents to make sure projects run smoothly, then seeing the immediate results of your teamwork,” she says.

But she also recognizes the challenges of the industry, like the 5:00 a.m. phone calls from the job site. “This is not your typical 9 to 5 desk job,” she says. “Things happen, weather happens, machines break down. The challenge is the grind during the thick of the season and trying to find the work/life balance.”

And with two young kids (Parker, 4 and Richie, 3) and a husband, that work-life balance is tricky. When she’s not working, networking, or spending time with her family, Amanda loves to fit in a round of golf, garden, and “create new projects around the house for my husband.”

Joining the Rose Paving team has made the time at work rewarding as well. Amanda says she chose Rose Paving because of the leadership team and culture. “I stand behind their loyalty to their employees. They have a board that listens and is open to new ideas. These days that is very rare to find!”

Prior to coming on board at Rose Paving, Amanda was helping manage a construction company specializing in heavy highway and underground. She graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois with a degree in Sociology and played soccer on their women’s team.

With the full and busy life Amanda has built, she has this advice to offer women pursuing a career in the pavement maintenance industry: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take chances because this industry has so much to offer. Rose Paving has given that to me and I am forever grateful for it.”

Julie Potter | Account Executive | Chicago

Julie Potter has built her career working for top brands like Amazon, UPS, and RJ Reynolds Tobacco. So what prompted her to join Rose Paving? Culture and reputation. “It was a decision to work for a great company with a great product with great people,” she says.

That was important to Julie, as she takes great pride in her work and wanted to find a company that would benefit from her background in business development, problem solving, and relationship building.

She says it’s easy to be proud of what she does at Rose Paving, as the product is far superior to others. “Some people base their decisions on price and do not look at the whole picture and the company that stands behind their work,” Julie says. “You pay for what you get. Value is the key and to rely on your Rose Paving trusted advisor is the driving force to a successful parking lot maintenance plan.”

Julie prioritizes value in other parts of life as well, offering this advice to women entering the asphalt and paving industry: “Go for it! You believe in your product, you will achieve your goals and beyond. Work hard and if you stay strong, as a woman you will be super rewarded. We look at the picture differently than a man.”

Tina Kimble | Account Executive | Nashville

Tina Kimble has it figured out. The account executive with Rose Paving Nashville says she chose the asphalt paving industry because “Asphalt is an essential component to commercial business—everyone needs a parking lot.”

And if you’re going to sell services that so many businesses need, you want to work for the best. “I believe in the products we offer, and Rose Paving takes pride in client relationships, which means the most to me. Because we are nothing without the customers,” she says.

In fact, her favorite part of the job is the customers. “Being able to network and engage with customers and associations are the most rewarding parts of this job,” Tina says, adding that networking has been invaluable to her success. “I’ve learned [networking] brings referrals and more opportunities your way.”

While the job certainly has its challenges—finding the best way around competitors is number one for Tina—she has persevered and even picked up tips along the way, like this advice she gives to women entering the business: “Make sure you have all the right equipment needed to scope your projects and good wheel for measuring.”

Tanya Bay | Account Executive | Nashville

For Rose Paving Nashville Account Executive Tanya Bay, construction is a family business. Her father worked in the construction industry in operations, and she always wanted a career that mirrored his. So after graduating with a BA Business Communications from Arizona State University in 2020, she found her way to a project management internship at Rose Paving, and then to the account executive position she holds today.

She’s grateful for the opportunity to work for Rose Paving. “Not only did Rose want to take me in as a new grad, but they ensured me that they would find my perfect fit in the company for me once my internship was over,” Tanya says. “I truly enjoy my work, the people I work with, and the ability to grow with no glass ceiling in sight.”

The culture has been a crucial part of Tanya’s success. “The most rewarding part of this industry/position has been the teamwork behind the magic,” she says. “There are so many people around me with a wealth of knowledge, that I have the opportunity to learn something new every day.”

And while her colleagues have been extremely supportive and generous with sharing their expertise, Tanya says that being a female in a traditionally male-dominated industry has its challenges. “Some new clients and contacts are surprised to hear of the industry I work in, so it takes a little time and convincing to assure people that I am going to do everything in my power and use all my resources to do the job correctly.”

Despite those challenges, she remains committed to the asphalt and paving industry, offering this advice to other women interested in joining: “Do not stray away because you are intimidated. Ask a million questions, all day, every day. If literally any man can do it, so can you. As Babe Ruth said, ‘Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.’”

Lisa Clark-Weber | Director of Sales | Nashville

Lisa Clark-Weber recently joined the Rose Paving Nashville team as the director of sales, bringing over 20 years of account management and sales management experience locally and nationally in several industries. Her energetic nature and passion for relationship building and developing people has allowed her to build winning teams and accomplish many goals throughout her career.

As an energetic team player, Lisa was seeking a great culture fit when a friend referred her to Rose Paving. “I was immediately sold on Rose Paving’s corporate culture,” she says. “A culture that is rare to find in our current times.” She says working toward a common goal in the Nashville office has been extremely rewarding, and she is hopeful about the growing number of females in the industry and in leadership. “At Rose Paving they value what both male and female team members bring at all levels.”

An avid runner, Lisa’s mantra is “Remember it’s not a 5K, it’s a marathon and you need to celebrate the small successes along the way to the finish line!” Those small successes apply to both her training (she’s currently training for her second Boston Marathon) and her career, as she advises women in the industry. “It is a fun industry and there are a lot of opportunities to solve clients’ problems, serve their needs and develop strong relationships.”

Amanda Cappel | Team Lead, Communications | National

Amanda Cappel seeks knowledge wherever she goes, and is eager to share what she learns to help everyone on her team succeed. After joining Rose Paving as a project manager for the national division, she moved into her current role as team lead of the national communications department to control the flow of information between the company and clients, which she has found very rewarding. “Being part of a dedicated hard working team is probably at the top of the list,” she says. “We all play our ‘parts’ but everyone gives 110 percent to our customers. At the end of the day, when a client is happy that means we did our job! After All, team work makes the dream work!”

Amanda has always been drawn to the paving industry, starting out part-time in sales at her mother’s office for a concrete and asphalt company. She enjoyed it so much that she returned full-time every summer thereafter. “I loved the fast pace of the office and the wealth of knowledge I gained each day about the industry,” Amanda says. “I was very fortunate to work with such a terrific sales team, as well as the hard working crews.”

She then spent 10+ years in the hospitality industry, including six years as a front desk leader at The Walt Disney World Company in Orlando, Florida. It was during her time at the most magical place on earth that she learned the value of outstanding customer service.

Amanda then returned to ”the field and industry I grew to love,” and now as the current communications team lead, uses her strong writing and communication skills to ensure her team goes above and beyond for each client. “A huge part of my role includes not only building strong relationships with customers, but also maintaining those relationships,” she says. Amanda works hard to make connections with clients through respect, professionalism, and positivity.

She is grateful for the opportunity to learn new things in her role with a company that promotes such a positive work environment. “I immediately knew Rose Paving had a very strong team dynamic and work culture, where employees were not only supported but highly appreciated,” she says.

And while Amanda has found that some individuals outside of work underestimate her industry knowledge, she doesn’t let that stop her. “I accept that everyone is different, try to be understanding of that, and just do my job as best as I can no matter what,” she says. “I am very fortunate to get a great deal of support from my supervisors and co-workers. They push me each and everyday to grow and expand my knowledge of the industry.”

With that support and her experiences in the industry throughout her career, she encourages more women to pursue a career in the paving industry. “Go for it! Every female deserves to be at a company doing what she loves! It may not always be easy (but what job is?); but at the end of the day, it is so worth it.”

Gloria Rose | Account Executive | National Division

As a respected senior-level sales executive with over 25 years of experience in enterprise sales and leadership, Gloria Rose forges solid relationships with strategic partners and builds consensus across multiple organizational levels, which is no easy task in the paving industry.

She uses her expertise in client needs analysis, presentations, and negotiations to help clients get what they need. Gloria says a big part of that is through educating prospects and current customers on the best demonstrated practices to help them increase the life of their properties. “There is a need for continued education and we at Rose Paving are the right company to trust,” she says.

Gloria says she was attracted to the paving industry because of its “limitless opportunity,” and was excited to come on board at Rose Paving to help the company “evolve into a powerhouse national solutions provider.”

It has been rewarding for Gloria to get to know the entire team at Rose Paving, from sales to operations, administration to leadership. “Everyone puts their best foot forward to help our customers achieve their goals,” she says.

As for advice she would offer to other women pursuing a career in the pavement maintenance industry? “Go for it—be ready to make a difference and add value!”

Lisa Rhodes | Project Manager | National Division

Lisa Rhodes identifies with the phrase, “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” And the project manager for Rose Paving’s national division doesn’t shy away from tackling new challenges.

After serving as a former communications security accountant for the Air Force, Lisa settled in Colorado and began working in the construction industry, focused on residential construction. Five years ago, she moved back home to Florida and joined the Rose Paving team in Tampa. “I chose Rose Paving based on the people I met in the Tampa office and the stability I saw in Rose,” she says.

Through that stability and the opportunity to expand on her industry knowledge, Lisa says she has developed a range of experience to succeed in her current role as project manager, and looks forward to continued learning. “The most rewarding thing to me has been the opportunities I have had to learn so many different elements of the industry,” she says.

Lisa encourages other women to give the industry a try, adding “Just do it. You will figure out soon enough if it is right for you, and if not, you will certainly have learned a lesson from it.”

Outside of the office, Lisa has “three amazing kids: Courtney, Taylor, and Dalton, and one spoiled dog, Castiel.” You can find her taking advantage of warm-weather life paddleboarding, hiking, running, biking, or sitting on the beach with a good book. “You won’t find me taking life too seriously,” she says, smiling.

Jaclyn Weishar | Account Executive | Southern California

With almost a decade of experience in sales and business development, Jaclyn Weishar thrives on working with people and helping them find solutions that work for them. As an account executive for Rose Paving’s Southern California office, she can do just that for her clients while working with a great team who help each other. “It’s rewarding to work in a fun environment with people who want the whole team to succeed,” she says.

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Jaclyn moved to Arizona to study journalism at Arizona State. She ended up in Newport Beach, where she now lives with her fiancé and their dachshund. After working for a service provider for several years, she knew Rose Paving had a positive reputation in the industry and looked forward to joining the company. “After meeting the team and getting excited to work with people I genuinely like, on top of a service I can sell honestly, it was easy,” she says.

She likes the paving industry, saying, “It is fast-paced and there are always opportunities to learn—it keeps me on my toes and is never boring!” While she has worked hard to learn the ins and outs of paving, she recognizes there are a lot of veterans of the industry. “Everyone in paving seems to have been doing it for years or even decades,” she notes.

With so many experts around at Rose Paving, Jaclyn offers this advice to women considering the paving industry: “Always ask questions, and use your resources! Paving is a lot more complex than the average person would assume. Make the effort to learn from your counterparts—other AEs, director of operations, production manager, and project managers. Be coachable and flexible!”