Before and After: Industrial Buildings

Rose Paving / November 27, 2018

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Rose Paving truck on fresh asphalt

How we keep industrial facilities up and running while paving

If you manage a busy industrial facility, you already know that nothing’s worse than a delay—especially one that could have been avoided. Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent a crack from becoming a pothole and messing up your day-to-day operations. Over the years, Rose Paving has helped countless industrial facilities stay on top of their game. Check out some of our successful projects and see why you should trust us with your lot.

Detecting Drainage Problems and Pitching Solutions

A poorly installed pipe was causing drainage issues and delaying work at a Tampa job site. On the first day, our teams surveyed the area to design a solution to rip out the previously installed pipe and replace it with a more suitable model. After excavating the site, we got to work laying concrete forms, backfilling a void area and ensuring a smooth transition between all parts of the system. All of the work took place on swampland, so we had to build a bridge in absorbent concrete to adequately support the newly installed concrete flume. Finally, we buttoned up the project with a new concrete retention wall so that the embankment won’t be an issue again.

Project Team Members: Corey Mix



Keeping a Distribution Center Open Throughout the Project

A busy distribution center in Southern California called us in to remove, replace and repair asphalt around their property. The repairs were intensive, with some areas requiring replacement at five-inch depth. We worked closely with the property manager to keep the parking lot functional and the business open during the entire project. Our crews kept safety top of mind and did a great job sectioning off work areas and directing traffic when necessary. All in a day’s work.

Project Team Members: Trish Vanderpool, Colin Neil



Paving Proactively to Avert Crises in Phoenix

Rose Paving Phoenix just opened up shop, but that didn’t stop them from jumping into the local paving scene with gusto. Check out the difference that their paving made to this manufacturer’s parking lot. Frequent preventative maintenance, including services like cracksealing, sealcoating and lot marking, is essential to keeping parking lots safe and functional all year long. Cracksealing and sealcoating prevent severe damage from impeding business operations while brightly striped pavements can avert costly workplace accidents. Our teams performed all of the work without interfering in the plant’s day-to-day operations and finished the job right on schedule.

Project Team Members:  Mike Simpson



Our No. 1 tip for paving industrial buildings? Work with an experienced paver to get a bundle of services that all build on each other to extend the life of your parking lot. We’ve spent years working with industrial clients ranging from manufacturers to distributors, so we know the ins and outs of executing large projects seamlessly. Contact us today to see how we can work together.