Asphalt Repairs at Residential Airpark Community

Rose Paving / August 03, 2016

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Jobsite Location: Naper Aero Club, Naperville, IL

Project Scope: Asphalt maintenance to the 22575 ft. asphalt runway and 320,000 footage of taxiways.

naper aero runway asphalt repairs by rose pavingProblem: The community was experiencing deterioration on the asphalt runway and taxing areas from wear and tear over the years causing unsafe conditions. Rose Paving was contracted to repair and restore the asphalt airport taxiways and runway to a clean, visible and safer airstrip.

Solution: The repair scope included focusing on the immediate structural damage with milling and resurfacing the heavily fatigued cracking areas, full depth asphalt patch for the deteriorated areas, and crack sealing the less severe weathered cracking areas to prevent further damage. Sealcoating the entire taxiways and runway to properly maintain the asphalt, and finally, lot marking.

Rose Paving staggered the work into 3 phases so that there was always a taxiway with a direct intersection to the runway available.  In the first phase, the milling, resurfacing and patching were done. The second phase included crack sealing and then seal coating the entire area. The seal coat was applied using a squeegee, so the maximum amount of material fills the voids between the aggregate and the asphalt. The final phase was the marking.  Marking is considered by some as the most important, in this project it is imperative to safely direct traffic and identify areas.

rose paving resurfacing naper aero runway   rose paving seal coating naper aero runway image   rose paving lot marking naper aero

Craig Vander Kolk, a current board member, had this to say about the job – “We want to mention what a pleasure it has been working with Rose, throughout the entire process, from beginning with Kevin to the work scheduling with Fred.  The crews work hard, easy to work with, just a pleasure.  Let me put it this way; Rose Paving met our expectations and more.”

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