The 2,000,000-Square-Foot Project

Rose Paving / December 17, 2018

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Rose Paving 2,000,000 square foot paving project

See how our team signed, sealed and delivered for Prologis and Amazon

Earlier this year, the Rose Paving team completed a massive paving project for the Prologis and Amazon distribution centers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. “I would tell you that I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and this is the largest moving parts project I have ever been affiliated with,” said Vice President Tim Chimack. Learn more about what sets Rose Paving apart from the rest, like stellar coordination and forward-thinking.

About the Project

Rose Paving has a longstanding partnership with logistics company Prologis, and has worked with the company and its tenants since 2010. As part of developing a pavement management plan for the company, our team outlined the good, better and best scenario. The premium sealing option, Liquid Road, was the most beneficial and would greatly extend the lifespan of the busy parking lot.

Once the client agreed, we wasted no time springing into action. While coordinating projects with multiple stakeholders is the Rose Paving way, sealcoating and striping 2,000,000 square feet of asphalt required additional planning and precaution.

The Rose Paving Process

Our project management team rose to the challenge with ease, hosting eight pre-construction meetings to align on the logistics before going to the execution stage. According to Chimack, there can never be too much planning for projects as big as this, and every minute spent in meetings saved hours of potential confusion on site. By implementing safety measures and outlining phases of the project beforehand, both sides were able to break ground with confidence.

The project took a little more than two months and was completed right on schedule despite some factors outside of our control. Rainy weather interfered at both the sealcoating and lot-marking phases, but the team was able to recoup the areas that we were unable to do and tie them in with the next consecutive days. Our single point of contact was in constant communication with Amazon and Prologis to make sure we were on schedule, but more importantly, that we were not disrupting the 24-hour flow of deliveries.

Paving for the Future

Liquid Road is among the most premium sealers in the marketplace—and a prime example of the superior products that Rose Paving uses to get the job done best. Thanks to rain, snow and salt, parking lots in the Midwest need to be sealcoated more frequently than lots in warmer climates. Liquid Road will extend this pavement’s lifespan by 15 to 20 percent and lessen the need for costly, time-intensive repairs.

We’re confident that our recommendation not only suited the client’s immediate need, but it also deferred pavement damage for years to come. Check out pictures from the project below.

Rose Paving is well-equipped to handle all your parking lot maintenance needs. From personalized pavement management plans to complex capital projects, our team will be there every step of the way. Contact us today.