Asphalt Paving Gets Wrecked in the Southern California Heat – Here’s What To Do

Rose Paving / June 14, 2019

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Southern California has heat and sunshine in abundance. That’s good news for your tan, but it’s bad news for your asphalt. Heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun are damaging to your asphalt in more ways than one.

Fortunately, we at Rose Paving know what it takes to keep your pavement intact and looking like new, no matter the weather. Here’s what to do if your asphalt paving gets wrecked in the Southern California heat.

Effects of California Weather on Asphalt

One of the first things they teach you in Thermal Dynamics 101 is that molecules move faster when exposed to heat. When a surface heats up, the molecular bonds that hold that surface together lose their strength making the surface more pliable.

This is why a blacksmith heats up his metal until it is red hot before molding it into shape. The same effect applies to your asphalt paving. The average day time temperature in Southern California is 85°F at the height of summer. This causes the surface temperature of your pavement to sky rocket.

Persistent high temperatures cause the surface of your asphalt to heat up faster than the lower portions, increasing the likelihood of cracks, potholes, soft spots, depressions, and stress fractures.

In addition to damaging the structural integrity of your pavement, excessive daytime heat retained in the asphalt surface creates an Urban Heat Island, which by definition is:
An effect that increases the ambient temperature of a property resulting in less vegetation, and a significantly higher temperature than the properties surrounding it.

Avoid the Effects of Excessive Heat

Preventive maintenance will stave off stress fractures and the cost of replacing your asphalt pavement. Give your pavement a good drink from your garden hose the next time you water your lawn to reduce the surface temperature and prevent damage.

Effects of UV Rays on California Pavement

Asphalt pavement in Southern California is exposed to 284 days of sunshine every year. Sunlight comes with ultraviolet rays, which are invisible to the eye but damaging to both your skin and your asphalt.

Exposure to UV rays increases the rate of asphalt surface deterioration. When combined with

daily use, UV rays also weaken the bonds of the oils and components in the asphalt structure, which fades the rich black color of new asphalt to a dull gray.

The dark black color of asphalt pavement inevitably fades due to oxidation. However, the extra-sunny climate of Southern California increases the speed of oxidation. The best way to protect your asphalt from the UV rays of the sun is sealcoating cracks as soon as they appear, and with regular preventive maintenance.

Maintenance to Preventive Erosion & Damage

Heat, UV rays, and regular wear and tear eat away at the structural integrity of your asphalt pavement. Regular preventive maintenance is the best and only way to extend the life of your pavement.

Rose Paving is the premium paving contractor in Southern California, and we are poised to increase the strength of your pavement, and keep it looking as new as the day it was installed. We offer a range of preventative and repair services including:

Sealcoating – Provides a jet-black finish and protects against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. Increases the visual aesthetic of of your asphalt pavement.

Cracksealing – Prevents the spread of existing cracks. Increases the lifespan of your pavement by preventing water and debris from accumulating within the cracks of your asphalt surface.

Lot Marking – The life of a parking strip is approximately 2 years. Parking lot re-stripping replaces faded, cracked parking stripes and restores the visual aesthetic to your parking lot.

Infrared Repair – Enables our crew to focus on a specific area of pavement, instead of removing and replacing large sections. Our crews employ infrared light to heat a specific area of pavement, enabling quick removal of failed asphalt. This is ideal for critical repairs, depressions, trip hazards, potholes, and rough surfaces in drive lanes.

Protect Your Asphalt from SoCal’s Extreme Weather

The longer you wait to protect your asphalt, the harder it is to repair it. Fortunately, Rose Paving is the premium paving contractor in Southern California and your pavement’s strongest ally in the fight against excessive heat and UV rays.

From large corporate projects to basic maintenance and repair, we offer only the highest quality custom paving solutions to clients in Southern California.

Our professional salespeople and expert technical staff are ready to tackle your paving projects and provide you with a seamless client experience. Contact us today before “just another sunny day” in California becomes your pavement’s last.