Mall Paving 101

Rose Paving / September 18, 2018

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well-paved mall parking lot

Welcome your shoppers with open arms and freshly striped lots

Whether your mall has a sprawling parking lot or a multi-level parking garage, our team knows the ins and outs of paving your establishment. We know that curb appeal and guest safety are paramount to your business, and can balance your maintenance budget without sacrificing quality work. We’ve spent more than 40 years zeroing in on best practices for mall paving so you can know with confidence that we got the job done right.

Avoid impacting mall traffic by phasing maintenance

The last thing anyone wants after a day of shopping or a quick errand is to have their exit interrupted by construction. Our crew is more than willing to break up large projects into separate phases and work around your mall’s hours. If segments of the work can be done during the day, our crews mark off work areas and provide alternate routes so your customers can shop safely.

Stripe with guests and shoppers in mind

Rose Paving knows how to design lots with purpose and can stripe a wide variety of numbers and markers to guide shoppers back to their cars, toward elevators or other points of interest around the lot. Whether you have an outdoor lot or an indoor garage, our wide array of paints and stencils can handle any task.

Coordinate clearly with multiple tenants and third parties

Our project managers work hand in hand with property managers to execute repairs and routine maintenance. Our clear scopes of work and detailed work schedules make sure everyone is on the same page. In some cases, Rose Paving can even create a communication plan and help put together the materials you need to communicate the repair plan to your tenants.

Think ahead with a pavement management plan

Rose Paving specializes in customized pavement management plans to help forecast repairs and keep your property running like clockwork. Pavement management plans bundle preventative services like cracksealing and sealcoating to make sure your pavement looks great year-round. This proactive approach protects parking lots reduces the need for costly repairs in the future.

Rose Paving’s experience in the retail sector makes us uniquely qualified to handle mall parking lots. We pave with you and your clients in mind so you can expect seamless communication and a flawless lot. Contact us today for a free lot inspection and project estimate.