3 Winter Repairs You Should Be Making

Rose Paving / November 07, 2018

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winter parking lot cleared of snow

Rose Paving’s toolkit for winter repairs

Freeze-thaw cycles exacerbate cracks and salt eats away at protective coating, leaving your pavement more vulnerable to the elements. Rose Paving has worked tirelessly to come up with solutions for your worst winter woes that can be performed at the height of the cold-weather season.

Whether you are maintaining a parking lot in snowy Denver or working to reduce risk in icy Chicago, or any one of your multiple properties throughout the U.S. or Canada, our experienced team can help. Read on for a list of repairs our team can perform in low temperatures.

1. Pothole Repair

While we recommend all business owners and property managers practice preventative maintenance, we offer stop-gap measures to handle accidents and unforeseen circumstances as they arise. Infrared asphalt technology can be done at any temperature and fills potholes quickly and seamlessly. Potholes are better addressed sooner rather than later, and immediate attention can help prevent accidents and costly out-of-court settlements.

2. Catch Basin Repair

Catch basins work in overdrive during the winter months. They are essential to a good water management system that funnels away stormwater and melted snow to minimize standing water. Infrared asphalt repair can repair uneven surfaces surrounding catch basins, keeping your drainage systems in check for the season. Rose Paving is always on hand to assist with catch basin repair or adjustment.

3. Cracksealing

Cracks tend to widen in the winter, as water freezes and expands in the crevices of pavement. Thankfully, cracksealing allows owners to prevent these small surface cracks from evolving into potholes by blocking water from reaching the pavement’s subbase. Rose Paving’s experienced crewmembers are ready to help you protect your asphalt for pennies per square foot whenever you decide.

Our goal is to be there for you rain, shine or snow. Contact us with your winter woes, and our experts are sure to put together a feasible solution that will protect your pavement until spring and beyond.