Managing a Parking Lot for Healthcare Buildings

Rose Paving / October 10, 2017

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Managing a Parking Lot for Healthcare Buildings

4 Things to Know About Managing Paving Projects at Healthcare Buildings

Accommodating the needs and priorities of our clients is paramount to every Rose Paving project, but for our clients in the healthcare industry, the stakes are especially high. Parking lots at hospitals and healthcare buildings must be easily accessible and simple to navigate, and any repair or repaving work must be completed without interrupting operations. Rose Paving has almost 40 years of experience helping hospitals and medical centers across the country manage the maintenance and repair of their parking lots. Here are the best practices we’ve learned along the way.

Avoid Interruptions

No client wants their paving work to interfere with their ability to conduct business, but at hospitals, interrupting operations and patient access is not an option. Not all healthcare facilities are open 24/7, so with those clients we work in off hours, as quickly as possible, often with an expanded team to ensure we maximize our time while the lot is not in use. For the many medical buildings that never close their doors, repairs and repaving must be executed strategically in stages. Alternative access to the building must be established before any sections are blocked off, and if needed, temporary infrastructure like ramps and reroutes should be constructed first.

Prioritize Ease of Use

All clients have unique needs, and even among healthcare clients, no two project plans are alike. But one factor that must be considered in every medical facility’s paving project is designing a parking lot that is clearly marked, easily to maneuver and intuitive to navigate. Remember that visitors using these parking lots are more likely to have mobility issues, and for many the process of pulling up to the hospital is fraught with stress and anxiety. Going the extra mile with bright, clear and easy-to-read marking and signage makes a difference.

Exceed ADA Standards

At Rose Paving, we are hypervigilant about making sure we’re up to date on ADA standards and every project we touch is compliant. But with healthcare clients, the accommodations they need can far exceed the minimum accessibility standards required by law. Not only do we meet any special requests made by our clients, we also work ahead to identify and pitch additional opportunities to enhance accessibility with thoughtful redesign.

Maximize Preventative Maintenance

Because hospitals can’t afford to close their doors, we always recommend the most comprehensive preventative treatments to our healthcare clients. Our goal is to avoid major construction projects, and to focus on extending the life of your pavement through ongoing maintenance that works around your busiest hours. And as with all our clients, we won’t consider the job finished until we hand over a long-term Portfolio Management Plan (PMP) that anticipates all future upkeep needs.

At Rose Paving, we’re honored to have the chance to help support organizations that do so much to take care of so many. We’re proud to have more than four decades of experience serving the needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Visit the “Healthcare” page on our website to learn more about our strategic approach to meeting the needs of our healthcare clients.