Managing A Hotel Parking Lot

Rose Paving / August 08, 2017

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Managing A Hotel Parking Lot

5 Things to Know About Hotels and Commercial Paving Services

Whether you run a boutique motel or a hotel franchise, parking lots greet your guests before you do. They are the first chance for your guests to experience your brand of hospitality, and they are your last chance to leave a lasting impression as they head home. Here some tips to help optimize your parking to provide your guests a seamless experience during their stay.

Make a Great First Impression

Even before check-in, your guest’s opinion of your hotel is taking shape—including their sense of the hospitality that you provide–and the condition of your parking structure it part of that. Make sure the check-in process is a “smooth” one by caring for your guests’ safety and comfort from the instant they pull onto your lot. Keep your parking spaces clean, clearly painted and well maintained. Ensure a great first impression by scheduling preventative parking lot maintenance to always stay ahead of the curve.

Want more guests? Offer more parking.

The parking lot or structure is often overlooked by facilities working to attract customers and fill vacancies. We’re sure you’ve been to a retail store, event space or even another hotel, only to find terrible parking accommodations. When there aren’t enough parking spaces, or the available spots are inconvenient and congested, it can be a major point of frustration for visitors and guests. If you have the space, consider expanding your lot lot or building another structure to offer more parking. It can be the deciding factor as visitors decide where they want to stay.

Limit Liability. Get Rid of Potholes.

The last thing a hotel owner wants is increased liability. Know your risks, including what the potholes in your lot mean for the health of your customers and their automobiles. A rolled ankle here or a flat tire there can add up to a lot of risk for as long as you neglect the condition of your parking structure.

Put Your Guests First. Plan Out Your Work.

For many travelers, a hotel stay is meant to go hand in hand with relaxation, comfort and accommodation. Being met at check-in with big crowds can be a turn-off; compound that with loud and ongoing construction and your dream vacation is now a nightmare. Don’t let repairs and maintenance overlap with your busiest season:  Plan ahead, check your calendar, and make note of when the slow times are. Construction is inevitable, but planning around your busiest weeks will keep congestion—and guest dissatisfaction—at an all-time low.

Want Happy Guests? Don’t Wake Them With Construction!

We know better than anyone that construction crews working in summer heat need to get an early start; but we also understand that hotel guests aren’t looking to wake up with the roosters. Communicate with your paving manager to explain your needs, including firm start and stop times, to be respectful of your guests. This will help your paving team plan out their days and prioritize other projects for early morning before cranking up the volume to take on your parking structure.

The parking lot or structure is one of the most-heavily traveled parts of your place of business. Scheduling the right repair, at the right time, is essential to keeping your hotel open and running smoothly with repeat business. Don’t neglect your parking structure. Learn how Rose Paving can help get your lot or ramp on a pavement management plan to prevent lot erosion and damage, and keep your business humming.