What is the Typical Life Cycle of an Asphalt Parking Lot?

Rose Paving / May 06, 2019

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Asphalt paving repair lifecycle

Like all things, your asphalt paving has a life cycle, beginning the moment it’s first laid down. How long it lasts depends on a number of factors, the main one being the level of maintenance it undergoes during its lifetime. With the right preventative care measures, the service life of asphalt paving can last 25 years or more. Let’s take a closer look at the life cycle you can anticipate for your parking lot.

An Overview of the Life Cycle of Asphalt Paving

It’s important to keep up with your care and maintenance routine if you want to ensure a long life for your parking lot. Let’s break down the life cycle to give you a better idea of where your parking lot is and where you need to focus your immediate maintenance efforts.

Years 0-5 – During this stage, your asphalt paving is new, sturdy, and durable. There may be a few small cracks developing or perhaps some surface discoloration from sun damage or vehicle use. Largely, the asphalt is still in excellent condition though.

Years 5-7 – The next two years are when most owners of asphalt paving parking lots begin their preventative maintenance routines. Maintenance like sealcoating and cracksealing is best performed at this age.

Years 7-15 – As your parking lot reaches around a decade in age, minor repairs are usually warranted, depending on use and exposure. Patch repairs, which are less intensive and are designed to prolong asphalt life, can be utilized. Standard maintenance should still be regularly performed.

Years 15-25 – At this age, your parking lot will begin to need more extensive, major repairs. Larger cracks may have formed that need to be sealed, or if the asphalt has been very frequently used, resurfacing may be necessary.

Years 25-35 – Coming to the end of the life cycle, asphalt of this age is often brittle from heavy use and elemental exposure and may be significantly damaged. At this point, extensive repairs or a complete reconstruction are likely required. This could include structural maintenance.

Improving the Service Life of Asphalt Parking Lots

While this is the typical life cycle of asphalt paving, with the correct maintenance plan, this lifetime can be extended. At Rose Paving, our highly trained associates can design and implement a preventative maintenance routine for your asphalt, ensuring the longest life possible. This routine will keep your asphalt in great condition throughout the entirety of its life.

Preventative maintenance, such as sealcoating and cracksealing, performed in the early years of your parking lot’s life and when cracks are small and manageable, you can significantly extend the life of your lot. Implementing low impact maintenance means a more durable parking lot and a more cost-effective future for you and your place
of business.

There are things that you can do as a lot owner to help maximize the lifespan of your asphalt:

  • Keep an eye on any cracks which form, as these can let in moisture which then expands, weakening the structure of your asphalt and causing further cracks.
  • Make sure your parking lot drains properly. Pooling water reduces the durability of the asphalt, resulting in damage.
  • Keep your parking lot clean and free from debris and spills, like water, oil, or chemicals, as these can all impact the structural integrity of your lot.

As soon as the asphalt begins to cool, the life cycle of your parking lot begins – and it is never too early to begin the preventative maintenance needed to keep it strong for many years.

Contact us today to see how we can help you take care of your asphalt paving at every stage of its life.