Parking Lot Statement of Work – Tips for Success

Rose Paving / December 19, 2017

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Buildings in front of a well-paved lot

Everything you need to know to pitch an accurate statement of work and get your project done right

Whether you manage a single property or large portfolio of properties, trusted providers like Rose Paving can help you figure out what services you need and when, especially when a large capital project is on the horizon. So before you create an RFP to bid to multiple contractors, make sure you understand the services you are asking for by developing a clean statement of work. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your next parking lot project.


Distinguish Between Preventative and Structural Maintenance

Preventative maintenance prevents the further deterioration of your parking lot, while structural maintenance usually involves a major renovation and is scheduled less frequently. The Rose Paving SCALE guide illustrates which services fall under each category, and is a great tool to help you assess your parking lot’s condition. Download a free copy to learn about all the options available to ensure your lot is welcoming and structurally sound.


Understand Obstacles and Critical Deadlines

Before starting a paving project, understand the main factors that will affect the success of the project. Consider when your property is busiest so you know what accommodations are needed to avoid interfering with business hours or peak seasons. Get well acquainted with the nuances of your property, including if there are sections that withstand more wear and tear than others. Outline if your pavement is regularly exposed to unique types of damage, like frequent rain or chemicals. The most important component is any deadlines that are essential to meet. Thinking through any issues in advance will help you clearly communicate your goals to prospective providers.


Consult an Expert

As a national service provider, we have experience with multiple industries and regions. Our team would be more than happy to meet with you to review the potential scope of work and make sure that all services are accounted for. Not only are we eager to build relationships, but we want to earn the trust of our potential clients. Paving is more than concrete and asphalt; it’s about trust and knowing that someone has your best interests at heart.


If you have any questions about how to build a statement of work for your next proposal, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our account executives. We want Rose Paving to go to work for you.