Maintaining Parking Lots for Religious Institutions

Rose Paving / May 15, 2018

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Religious instituion

Applying the Rose Paving method to paving at religious buildings

People from all walks of life congregate to worship and feel at home at religious centers across the country. A well-maintained parking lot brings people in, both practically and by creating an inviting exterior. And we’ve learned through years of experience that making an extra effort to meet your congregation’s needs makes them feel welcome. Our well-honed best practices for paving religious institutions understand the nuances that accompany this particular type of paving project. From sticking to a strict budget to exceeding ADA-compliance, we know how to make paving work for congregations and communities.

Prioritize preventative maintenance

Many religious institutions strive to keep overhead costs low to direct more funds to their congregation’s needs and big-picture goals. Preventative maintenance preserves asphalt and concrete for pennies per square foot, keeping your lot attractive and functional while avoiding time-intensive, expensive structural repairs.

Maximize parking spaces

The size of your parking lot can determine the size of your congregation. Guarantee onsite parking for your membership by maximizing your parking lot area with a strategic layout that accounts for the safety and convenience of your guests. Rose Paving can stripe your lot per existing layout or design you a new one to make parking a breeze.

Limit liability and injury risk

Provide your members a safe space to worship and mingle by scheduling regular inspection and repairs for your lot. Our teams can patch potholes in all weather and fill sidewalk cracks to ensure that drivers and pedestrians alike have a safe experience on your property and give you peace of mind. A portfolio management plan with a built-in schedule for routine maintenance ensures new problems will be addressed and repaired before they worsen.

Conduct a phased approach to maintenance

Religious buildings also serve as an essential community gathering place, with many buildings serving multiple purposes throughout the week. A phased maintenance approach can distribute service across a few days or weeks to ensure that the property is always accessible. Our teams work around the clock so your project can be completed without disrupting daily operations.

Meet and exceed ADA compliance

Show your congregation that you care (and avoid hefty fines) by ensuring your parking lot provides sufficient handicapped parking spaces and is optimized for easy navigation. But ADA accessibility doesn’t end there. Rose Paving can install ramps and other accessible features, and integrate them into the property layout so people with disabilities and families with strollers can easily access their place of worship.

If your religious building or center needs repair, Rose Paving is the company for the job. Contact us to work with a designated point of contact and experienced crews who will advocate for your needs and deliver on their promises.