What is “Green Paving”

Rose Paving / May 26, 2010

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Are you overwhelmed with all the ways to “Go Green?”  From energy efficient light bulbs and solar panels to reusable shopping bags, there are so many products we can buy or practices we can implement to improve our environment, both in our personal and professional lives.  Not many think of it, but one easy way to protect and preserve our environment for future generations is to take care of our pavement.

Permeable Paver Parking Lot: University Park, IL
Permeable Paver Lot

There are many alternative paving procedures that can also greatly reduce energy, waste, and pollution.  And, the timing couldn’t be better.  There are products that can help reduce carbon footprint, mitigate storm-water management issues, and solve solar reflectivity concerns.  These alternatives may also qualify for various LEED® credits, depending on the project.  Ultimately, by utilizing paving practices and materials that conserve resources, facilities can help ensure future growth and development in a cleaner, healthier environment.


In an effort to construct and operate buildings more efficiently, builders and owners are now utilizing “green” innovations to execute jobs. For exactly this purpose, Rose Paving is devoted to researching and developing eco-friendly paving solutions.

Rose Paving has created a special service line focused on Green Paving. Within this offering, we have solutions for storm-water management as well as concrete and asphalt alternatives.

Ask your local Rose Paving representative about Greener Efforts, including:

  • permeable pavers
  • pervious concrete
  • porous asphalt
  • or low-VOC striping paints

We’ll guide you through the options, and you’ll learn how you can save energy, reduce waste and pollution, lower carbon footprint, and save costs. Rose Paving can help you transform your parking lot into an ecological and financially sustainable site. Contact the local Rose Paving team near you today to learn more!