Go Green with Environmentally Friendly Lots & Services

Rose Paving / March 28, 2018

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freshly paved and painted parking stalls

Your pavement may be black, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be green

As attention shifts to the ecological impact of construction, and green technology becomes more widely available and better-performing, Rose Paving is committed to offering clients more environmentally friendly options to consider when making paving decisions. Already, asphalt is one of the most recycled building materials, but we wanted to do more. Read on to learn more about why we advocate for environmentally conscious parking lots and what tools we have in our arsenal to provide high-quality paving services that are also eco-friendly.

The Value of an Environmentally Friendly Lot

An environmentally friendly parking lot is more than just a talking point or a feel-good decision. Paving practices and materials that conserve energy and resources make smart financial sense. A green parking lot adds value to a property by reducing future maintenance costs with increased efficiency: green buildings report maintenance costs almost 20% lower than typical commercial buildings. While retrofitting an existing property can be an intimidating project, starting from the ground up and establishing a green parking lot is an easy and sensible place to start.

Rose Paving’s Green Products and Services

As the demand for sustainable building options increases, Rose Paving has adopted new technology that reduces environmental waste and maintenance costs. We have available greener alternatives to concrete—like fly-ash, a recovered resource, and slag, a byproduct of iron production—that reduce our reliance on the energy-intensive manufacturing of concrete ingredients. Warm-mix asphalt applies techniques that let us mix and place the material at lower the temperatures, cutting fuel consumption and increasing energy savings.

Green building practices have a reputation for pricey upfront investments that pay off in the long term, but innovative green stormwater management systems deliver immediate savings. They eliminate the need for costly underground filtration systems and detention basins, reducing upfront costs as well as long-term service and maintenance expenses. Pervious concrete and permeable pavers mimic natural runoff processes and allow water to drain through the surface to reach the soils beneath. Both materials are LEED compliant and will reduce waste and costs in the long run.

Understanding LEED Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is the most widely used green building rating system. Not only is the LEED certification a framework designed to create healthy, cost-saving green buildings, it’s also a globally-recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and social consciousness. An environmentally friendly parking lot can qualify for various LEED credits and help boost your building’s certification level.

Standard building practices use—and waste—millions of tons of materials each year. Green alternatives use fewer resources, minimize waste and save energy and money along the way. Contact us today to work with a paving company that has the bigger picture and your bottom line in mind.