Get to Know: Larry Briar, P.E.

Rose Paving / August 17, 2011

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For this in-depth look at some of the faces of Rose Paving, I interviewed Larry Briar, P.E., an essential member of our Special Projects Division.  Below are his answers.

1.)  Title: Business Development Executive – Midwest Region

2.)  How long have you been with Rose Paving Company? 16 months

Larry Briar, P.E.
Larry Briar, P.E.

3.)  What are your primary job responsibilities? Business Development, and focusing on the advancement of our Special Projects Division

4.)  What is the Special Projects Division? The Special Projects Division (SPD) exists to service our clients beyond traditional parking lot maintenance.  This includes large and complex site construction and revitalization projects.

5.)  Why was the Special Projects Division formed? The SPD was formed to manage all of our customers’ pavement construction projects and provide green paving alternatives.  In today’s market, it has never been more important to ensure customers are executing capital expenditures with qualified companies that provide accurate consultation and flawless execution.  As we continue to work our way out of trying economic times, the demand for high quality maintenance and site construction contractors has increased exponentially.  That is where Rose Paving comes in.

6.)  What is your favorite hobby? The Outdoors, Exercise, Golf and Cooking

7.)  If you were a character from FRIENDS, which one would it be and why? Chandler Bing.  He is a witty individual, who places value on family and his career.

8.)  What was the last book you read? The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  It’s a 40 day inspirational journey written to help you discover why you were placed on earth.  Great book with many moments which help you open your mind.

9.)  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, what song would play during the opening credits? Kenny Chesney, Back Where I Came From.  I was born and raised in Walnut, IL; a small agricultural town in the north central portion of the state.  It is a simple song, which makes me reflect back to my family, friends and hometown, the people and place which I remain very proud to stand with and represent.

10.)  What do you like best about working at Rose Paving? I like to compete and my hunger for competition fits like a puzzle piece within Rose.  It is a true team effort at Rose; each individual helps and feeds off of one another.  We consistently win – as a team.

11.)  Do you have any pets, odd hobbies, or talents? I have a pet dog, Otis.  He is named after Chicago Bears Linebacker, #55 Otis Wilson.

If you’re interested in contacting Larry about his hometown, love of the Chicago Bears, or the Special Projects Division, please comment below or click here!