Memorial Day Weekend Survival Guide

Rose Paving / May 22, 2017

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Memorial Day Weekend Survival Guide

A Guide From Rose Paving on how to make the most of your long weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is one of the most glorious three days of the year. Kicking off the summer season, it’s the perfect excuse to reward yourself for all of that hard work you put in so far this year. The question is, are you really ready for the weekend? Our Memorial Day Weekend Survival Guide will help you make sure this weekend gets your summer off to a glorious start.

10. Plan Ahead: Whether it’s number of pages of the paper you want to read on Sunday morning to hitting up the local farmer’s market, think about what you want to accomplish each day of the weekend, then lay out the plan to make it happen.

9. Knock out the chores: Have some summer chores to tackle? If you have to take on those weeds in the yard, put away the laundry or pull out the lawnmower, you have until Friday at 7:00pm to have those chores wrapped up to help you maximize the time for weekend F.U.N. Go.

8. Invite friends and family over a cookout: There is no better motivation to have some good QT with loved ones than to have them over for a solid meal. If you’re like us, that will be the swift kick in the you-know-what to finally plant those spring flowers and lay down the mulch.

7. Get outdoors: Rain or shine, make it a point to spend some time outside. Whether it’s a trip to the zoo or a walk to the park, after a long winter, the summer air and Vitamin D is basically a necessity. Soak it in, friends!

6. Stop at the store to get milk: Milk, eggs, hot dog buns, whatever. Save yourself the last minute trip to the store and pick up those basics.

5. Marinate the meat: Regardless if you are cooking up steaks or chicken, this is one easy recipe that will keep everyone fat and happy—no chopping required. Give it 24 hours in the fridge for full flavor takeover.

4. Break a sweat: Sure, sleeping in is awesome, but so is waking up early and getting a run out of the way before your other duties kick in. It will make you feel a lot better about all of that Memorial Day potato salad.

3. Pick up the propane: Have you fired up the grill yet this year? Odds are your propane is hanging on by a thread. A backup tank is a no-brainer.

2. Put away the computer: Take a load off for a few days and enjoy time with friends and family. Turn off the electronics and sit back and enjoy the fact that no one is going to be emailing you this weekend.

1. Have a great weekend! Don’t worry about anything happening at work or that upcoming project. You’re in good hands with us. See you Tuesday!

Lastly, please consider taking a moment to remember all those who passed away while serving in the country’s armed forces.