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Rose Paving / June 11, 2014

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white paperNo two parking lots are the same. Conditions such as original design/construction, traffic loads, and geographic location determine a parking lot’s rate of deterioration. To combat damaging conditions, ongoing maintenance is crucial.  In fact, it is the only way to prolong the safe usability of a parking lot.

But, success of parking lot repairs is dependent upon several factors. To get the most ‘bang for your buck,’ you need to understand both objective and subjective factors that affect the outcome of any parking lot maintenance procedure. This will help guide decision making on when, where, and how best to utilize dollars to achieve optimum results on your pavement investments.

Considerations such as current condition of pavement, timing/frequency of maintenance, sub-grade depth, cure time, materials used, and application process all play a role in the effectiveness of treatment.

Want to know more? Download our free white paper: “10 Factors that Affect the Outcome of Any Pavement Maintenance Procedure.” We hope this educational piece will help you plan ahead, be proactive, and achieve success with all of your parking lot assets.  Read it today and then let us know how our team of pavement professionals can assist with your facilities.