Industry Training at NPE

Rose Paving / February 04, 2015

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Industry TrainingRose Paving is passionate about industry training and education! Recently, 19 of our employees traveled to Nashville, TN, for the National Pavement Expo. All participants received an average of 10 hours of training. There were seminars on sealcoating, crack sealing, and joint construction to the latest technologies in pavement repairs. Additional courses covered management topics such as teamwork and other business principles.

In an average year, our employees log over 1000 hours of training. In addition, we have an extensive training library. Our books cover topics ranging from sales management and leadership to personal growth. We also have many technical manuals available.

In addition to participating in industry training, we also share our knowledge and expertise with the paving community. Rose Paving is the author of The S.C.A.L.E. Guide for Maintenance Professionals. It is an ideal read for those new to the industry as well as experienced professionals. This reference manual explains the in-depth lifecycle of a parking lot including probable wear and tear along with various maintenance techniques to maximize pavement conditions. It is designed as an educational guide, assisting with parking lot inspections, prioritizing repairs, proper maintenance techniques, and long-term budgeting tips.

Click to learn more about our employee training, a.k.a. Pavement University. Or, click to request a copy of our S.C.A.L.E. Guide.

Did you attend the National Pavement Expo? Comment below and let us know what you liked best…