A Make-over in May

Rose Paving / May 05, 2010

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As much as we’re cautioned to ‘never judge a book by its cover,’ first impressions count and they usually start on the surface.  This same truth applies to your property.  How can you attract more business to your door?  Start with the first area encountered by your visitors—the parking lot.

Make-overs make all the difference!
Make-overs make all the difference!

Is your parking lot in top condition or could it use a little TLC?  There are several signs that point to a need for a make-over.  Observing and tending to these signs serves two important purposes:  taking notice helps prevent problem areas from worsening and further weakening the surrounding area and making timely repairs increases curb appeal.

Does your parking lot have any of the following?

A tight turning radius–If it exists, the pavement in that area will probably fail prematurely due to the additional stress of cars trying to grind their way around the curve.

Grass in pavement cracks–If it exists, water can easily penetrate the pavement causing a structural problem beneath the surface.

Alligator cracking–“Spider web” or “chicken wire” cracking indicates there is a problem with the base; areas with this type of cracking need to be cut out and replaced.

A pale surface–If sealer has worn away or if it has been more than 24 months since the last application, this service should be budgeted for and performed soon.

Make-over your parking lot this May and enjoy the benefits—both aesthetic and economic—for years to come.

Got a question concerning the appearance of your parking lot?  Ask us here!  We’ll be happy to share our insight, tips, and suggestions to improve the look and durability of your pavement.