Retail Success Story

Rose Paving / March 27, 2013

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Our award-winning services will protect your pavement and provide peace of mind.  We have proven experience in the retail industry and an unmatched passion for our work.  Check out another recent success story below:

“With such an expansive portfolio of stores,
understanding my inventory and scheduling
 cost-effective repairs is difficult.”

Who said it?

Manager of Building Services for a multi-billion-dollar national retailer.

What prompted it?

The retailer’s operations team had to find ways to maximize pavement maintenance costs while still providing safe and attractive parking lots.

What is the problem:

Without firsthand knowledge of each site, budget dollars can be misappropriated or even unused.  This may result in improper repairs or lack of maintenance.

The solution:

Rose Paving’s scoping team evaluated all 259 sites in question and determined that, if scheduled immediately, crack sealing and lot marking would be the most cost-effective repairs.  Once approved, multiple teams were mobilized to enable batch repairs.  Grouping repairs saves money on materials and resources.

Repairs for the first batch of 123 stores were completed in just 42 days; repairs for the second batch of 136 stores were completed in 74 days.  The entire project met all budget requirements and exceeded scheduling expectations.


If cracks are left untreated, in just three to six years, the same areas will cost 30 to 40 times more money in structural repairs.  Lot marking directs people safely around a parking lot and enhances curb appeal. 

Learn more about crack sealing and lot marking at PRSM 2013 (Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association) April 3-5.  Visit us at Booth #507 to speak with a member of our team.