Rose Paving Goes to Camp

Rose Paving / August 15, 2016

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natures farm camp and rose paving imageRemember the good ole days of summer camp? It’s that one week there is no iPhone, iPad, or the ‘I don’t know what to do’ groans. It’s about getting outdoors, getting dirty, and experiencing the beauty and love of outdoors. Every day is a new adventure. To give children in our community the opportunity to experience summer camp, Rose Paving supports a fantastic local organization –  Nature’s Farm Camp.

Nature’s Farm Camp isn’t your average summer camp – it’s much more! The goal is to “provide a place for campers to flourish – to become competent, confident and resilient problem solvers who learn through doing in an environment filled with great food, outdoor beauty and caring, in a safe and fun environment.”

A camper’s day is filled with tending to gardens and planting, caring for animals, and foraging for wild and safe edibles. The children learn to cook, play farm Olympics, and build a rope bridge over the creek. In the evening they build camp bonfires, listen to stories, and enjoy s’mores!

At Rose Paving it’s important to us to try and give back to the community. We enjoy contributing and supporting the Nature’s Farm Camp organization, located just 100 miles southwest of Chicago. With Rose Paving’s support, Nature’s Farm Camp provides financial aid and scholarships to get kids out of the city and connected with nature.

To learn more about Nature’s Farm Camp visit their website or Facebook page!