Asphalt Removal and Concrete Replacement at a National Equipment Company

Rose Paving / May 06, 2016

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A national equipment company requested a surface to withstand extreme weight and temperatures.

Jobsite Location: National equipment rental client

Project Scope: Asphalt Removal and Concrete Replacement of retail lot, for a total of 28,951 square feet.

Problem: The existing surface was outdated and below the recommended specification for how the customer was using the property. A combination of depth, age, weather and traffic loads had deteriorated the asphalt. The customer needed a pavement surface that could withstand the extreme weight of the surface loads as well as the volatility of the temperature changes.

Solution: In place of the asphalt, the customer elected to re-build with 6” reinforced concrete. The specification called for 4000 PSI and #6 rebar tied 24” O.C.B.W. With this method, the concrete cures over 28 days and is stabilized by the rebar below the surface. As with most jobs, this project was phased to keep the site open for business during the whole process.

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Asphalt Removal and Concrete Replacement by Rose Paving