Infrared Asphalt Technology – Great for Winter Repairs

Rose Paving / January 11, 2012

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Infrared Asphalt Technology
Infrared Equipment in use

Do you have defects on your parking lot?  Why wait for warmer temperatures; fix defects NOW using Infrared Asphalt Repair!  Infrared asphalt technology is an effective solution for critical repairs needed in the winter months as it can be performed year-round.  This unique method blends hot-mix asphalt with the original and then compacts the area to create a seamless restoration.  Infrared Asphalt Repair can be used to quickly and efficiently repair pothole damage on parking lots, pavement heaving, deterioration on/around catch basins, and rough surfaces in drive lanes/parking stalls.

See for yourself!  Click here to watch our 4-minute video on Infrared Asphalt Repair.