End-of-Summer Paving Checklist

Rose Paving / August 22, 2017

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End of Summer Paving Checklist

What jobs should you have completed by the end of the summer?

We wish the warm weather would last forever, but in most parts in the U.S., winter is inevitable. Although we maintain a busy schedule all year round, the difficulty of paving work fluctuates in states with four seasons. After all, it’s nearly impossible to dry anything under wet conditions, especially roads and parking structures that may be buried under rain or snow. Before the cold sets in, check your calendar, and make sure the plans for any paving services you need are signed, sealed and delivered. Here are the projects you shouldn’t delay until Spring:


Whether your surface is concrete or asphalt, you want to make sure it undergoes preventative maintenance before the weather changes. This could include repair, patching or even resurfacing of your asphalt; or crack-filling, stabilizing, and coating of your concrete surface. Preventative maintenance will prolong the life of your asphalt or concrete surface, saving you time, business interruption and money.

Parking Structure Repair

If you have a parking structure in need of repair, the best time to fix it is right now. But if your parking structure isn’t showing wear and tear during the summer, you should instead consider some preventative maintenance to ensure it stays that way. Learn how waterproofing, deck and traffic coatings, epoxy and moisture barriers can be applied as preventative treatments to save your parking structure from erosion and damage. Need a more serious repair done? Get on it:  get your parking lot repairs in before it’s too late, or too cold.


One of the main causes of pavement deterioration happens when water enters small cracks, and then turns them into big cracks. Cracksealing is your first line of defense, increasing the lifespan of your pavement by keeping water, sand, stone and dirt from entering and weakening the pavement base. Cracksealing can minimize crack growth and even double the life of your pavement.

Storm Basin and Drainage

The wet and rainy season is now upon us. If your property, parking structure or pavement requires storm drain system, then it’s time to check on the quality, structure and placement of your storm basin. It’s not uncommon for storm basins to need adjustments. A tune-up can ensure that the water and runoff is drained properly and away from footpaths, sidewalks, the middle of your parking lot or the street.


The mother of all preventative pavement maintenance and beautification is sealcoating. Not only does it make your surface aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, which is paramount for our hotel and retail business customers, but sealcoating also keeps your parking structure and roads resistant to oil and gas spills. Sealcoating has many more benefits, which is why we created this sealcoating guide to outline why this process is one of the most important elements of a pavement management plan.

This summer paving checklist may be jam-packed, but it is certainly not exhaustive. Whatever your facility needs for pavement repair or maintenance, we can help. Before you pack up your pool floaties, get in touch with us and schedule your pavement repairs or preventative maintenance.