Unpredictable Nashville Weather’s Effect on Your Asphalt

Rose Paving / July 04, 2019

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Nestled just north of the Tennessee valley, with the Appalachian Mountains not too far away to the east, Nashville gets its fair share of unpredictable weather. From excessive heat and humidity to freezing winters and the occasional snowfall, Nashville asphalt has to endure the worst of what summer and winter have to offer.

Heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun are damaging to your asphalt in more ways than one, and excessive moisture can erode even the strongest pavement structures. Fortunately, Rose Paving is the premium paving service provider in Tennessee, and we know what it takes to keep your pavement intact and looking like new, no matter the weather.

How Does Nashville’s Weather Affect Asphalt?

One would think Nasvhille’s in-land location would shelter it from the unpredictable weather effects from the coastal areas and mountain ranges, but that assumption is incorrect. Nashville gets its fair share of unpredictable weather.

With average summer temps in the high eighties and nearly six inches of monthly rainfall in the spring, asphalt in Nashville is subjected to excessive heat and/or moisture nearly every day of the year.

Wet Weather and Moisture

Excess moisture from wet weather can erode nearly any physical structure, but it’s especially damaging to asphalt pavement and concrete. What’s more, damage sustained from inclement weather is not always obvious.

Moisture from rain seeps into your asphalt’s porous surface, degrading the structural integrity of the slab. Don’t forget freezing weather. Once the thermometer drops below 30°F, the moisture trapped inside the slab freezes and expands, resulting in stress fractures and cracks in your pavement.

Excessive Heat and UV Rays

When asphalt pavement is exposed to the heat and humidity of a Nashville summer, it becomes susceptible to cracking, fading, stress fractures, and soft spots.

Asphalt absorbs heat. When subjected to persistently high temperatures, the asphalt surface can soften and its form can become distorted, causing it to heat up faster and unevenly in portions. The fluctuation can cause the rigid asphalt slab to curl, leading to stress fractures on the surface and tensile stress fractures at the bottom of the slab.

Unfortunately, the Nashville heat is not the only concern when it comes to protecting your asphalt in the summer. Ultra violet rays are incredibly damaging to your asphalt. UV Rays increase the rate of surface deterioration, weakening the bonds between the asphalt components and causing your asphalt to fade to a dull grey.

How to Prevent and Repair Erosion & Damage

The effects of heat, UV rays, and moisture of your asphalt can be damaging, but let’s not forget the effects of regular wear and tear. Consistent, heavy use can eat away at the structural integrity of your asphalt, but you can protect your asphalt from any damage with regular preventive maintenance and by sealcoating cracks as soon as they appear.

Rose Paving is the premium paving contractor in Nashville and is the only service provider with the know-how to increase the strength of your pavement and keep it looking like new. We offer a range of preventative and repair services, listed below.

Sealcoating – Extends the life of your asphalt jet-black finish and wards off the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Cracksealing – Halts the spread of existing cracks and increases the overall lifespan of your pavement. Prevents water and debris from accumulating within the cracks of your asphalt surface.

Pavement Marking – Parking lot re-stripping replaces faded parking stripes to restore the visual aesthetic to your parking lot.

Infrared Repair – Infrared light is used to heat a specific area of pavement enabling our crew to focus on a specific area of pavement, instead of removing and replacing large sections. Ideal for critical repairs, depressions, trip hazards, potholes, and rough surfaces in drive lanes.

Protect Your Asphalt from Unpredictable Nashville Weather

The only thing we can say for certain about the weather in Nashville is that it will certainly remain unpredictable. There is no telling what sort of climate fluctuations could unfold between this season and the next. That’s why it’s essential to protect your asphalt today, because the longer you wait to protect your asphalt, the harder it will be to repair it.

Rose Paving is the premium paving contractor in Nashville and your pavement’s strongest ally in the fight against unpredictable Nashville weather.

From large capital projects to basic maintenance and repair, we offer only the highest quality custom paving solutions. We’re ready to tackle your paving projects and provide you with a seamless client experience. If you’re ready to defend your asphalt from damage, then it’s time to give our professional salespeople and expert technical staff a call. Contact Rose paving today to get a quote or speak to a specialist about your Nashville asphalt.