Safety First While Paving

Rose Paving / June 05, 2018

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Rose Paving crew in safety gear

How Our Crews Take Paving Precaution

There’s no getting around it: Thanks to heavy machinery, multiple users and hot materials, job sites are full of accidents waiting to happen. Proper training and precautionary measures can protect those on site and keep a project on track. Learn more about how we keep our crew members and jobsites safe during projects and beyond below.

Crew Member Safety

Our crew members are an integral part of the Rose Paving family, and our team of superintendents works hard to look out for them at job sites all across the country. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets baseline standards, and it’s up to the individual company to implement their own best practices. We pride ourselves on our high safety standards and consistent training.

When the paving season starts, crew members receive safety gear and equipment training to get them on the right footing, but it doesn’t end there. “Every season, each team leader gets a binder with safety talks, and every two weeks they give a class to their members,” said Jose Valdez, Director of Field Operations. These safety talks contain lessons about topics such as proper lifting and sectioning off areas, and help our crews stay up to date with and exceed OSHA standards for workplace safety.

Jobsite Safety

There’s more to safe paving than making sure our crews are safe. We’re also responsible for the safety of job-site users, such as our clients’ residents, tenants and customers. Many property managers are reluctant to close their businesses for a paving job, so we work to accommodate their needs, working around their peak hours or in phases so their entire lot isn’t closed for a day.

How do we ensure safety with so many factors at play? In the case that the lot is still operational, our crew members ensure safe use by directing traffic with signs or a flagger. If the job site is a warehouse or industrial building with heavy traffic in and out, Rose Paving project managers will work with property managers to designate alternate entrances and exits. These measures make users aware that work is underway and indicate that drivers need to slow down and follow the signs.

Our best practices dictate that crews are trained to section off job sites using barricades, cones and caution tape. This helps restrict traffic from entering busy areas and protects crewmembers and parking lot users alike. Crew members protect passersby as well by making sure pedestrians are keeping a safe distance from construction zones to prevent exposure to open flames, sparks, fumes and dust or debris.

For Rose Paving crew members, job site safety is top of mind all through National Safety Month and beyond. In-depth training at the beginning of the paving season, accompanied by continuing education helps us equip our crewmembers with the tools they need to succeed and get the job done safely and efficiently. If you’re interested in working with a crew that gets the job done safely and right the first time, contact Rose Paving today.