A message from Ed Campbell, Re: Rose Paving COVID-19 Procedures

Rose Paving / March 20, 2020

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Rose Paving LLC




Edward Campbell
Rose Paving LLC
7300 W. 100th Place
Bridgeview, IL 60455

Re: Rose Paving COVID-19 Procedures

Rose Paving holds health and safety in the highest regard, and we are taking all necessary precautions to protect our employees, customers, vendors and business partners from potential harm.

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus, Rose Paving is taking the following measures:

  • Placed restrictions on all company travel, and only company travel that is essential/critical will be permitted, with management’s prior approval.
  • Allowed work from home in all offices around the country to reduce risk.
  • Equipped employees with remote video conferencing capabilities
  • Suspended all international business travel.
  • Postponed or cancelled our attendance at conferences, tradeshows and other events where large numbers of people are in close proximity.

Rose Paving will maintain these procedures, and others, until further notice from the CDC confirming the virus is no longer a threat.

I want to ensure all our customers and partners in the United States and Canada that Rose Paving is still able to operate and service nationwide at full capacity through each strategic office location.

As your parking lot partner, we are fully committed to helping you navigate this unique time. We will do everything in our power to deliver creative solutions to your organization and promise to be an ally and partner throughout this process.

Please reach out to us at anytime to discuss our policies, procedures or request more information.





Edward Campbell
Rose Paving LLC