Infrared Asphalt Repair Technology

Rose Paving / January 27, 2010

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The winter season of 2009-2010 in the continental United States is already one for the record books.  Areas across the country that typically don’t have much snow have received unprecedented amounts.  Other regions that are known for their warm winter weather have been unseasonably cool.  In fact, most of the nation has already suffered through one or more deep freezes, and it’s only the end of January!  While we can weather the storms, our parking lots are a different story.

Repairing a pothole using infrared asphalt repair technology
Repairing a pothole using infrared asphalt repair technology

More asphalt than ever before is going to be affected by the harsh winter we’ve experienced.  Have you inspected your lot lately?  Most likely it has developed potholes, surface cracking, and other rough spots.  All of which can be corrected, regardless of ambient temperature, with infrared asphalt technology.

Infrared technology is an effective asphalt repair solution, especially in climates with cold winter weather.  This option helps prevent defects from spreading or worsening throughout the long winter months.  When routine inspections of the lot are conducted in early spring, facility managers can revisit treated areas first to better prioritize long-term repairs.

Rose Paving offers infrared asphalt repair, in addition to its existing line of pavement maintenance solutions, as a unique option in the winter months for critical repairs.  This technology uses hot-mix asphalt, instead of cold patch, which is usually the most common option in cold temperatures.  Infrared asphalt repair is a method by which existing asphalt is heated and sprayed with a rejuvenator, using infrared technology.


Infrared rays allow deep penetration asphalt repair and reclaiming without causing burning, scaling, or separation of the asphalt from the aggregate.  Also, the infrared process does not change the inherent characteristics of the asphalt.

Some benefits of infrared asphalt repair include: cost savings, as the project is completed with fewer raw materials, manpower and machinery; time savings, as this repair option takes significantly less time than traditional asphalt resurfacing; seamless repairs, as the patch bonds to existing surface and produces no joints for water to penetrate; and fewer traffic interruptions, as the patch can be driven on almost immediately.

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