Guide to Choosing the Best Paving Company Near You

Rose Paving / February 25, 2019

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Asphalt projects are not something you can risk doing with a cheap, unprofessional paving company. Aesthetics, longevity, and not to mention the safety of the community make it of utmost importance to seek out the most experienced Paving company in your area.

At Rose Paving, we encourage customers to thoroughly research local paving companies to make sure they meet all safety standards and requirements. We’re confident that you’ll find us among the most reputable in the nation, but in case you want to do some extra digging, here are a few things for you to consider.

Good Paving Contractors are hard to find.

Getting a Paving or Asphalt Quote

A quality paving contractor will be able to give you an accurate quote before the work begins. At Rose Paving, we’re happy to provide an estimate. We take measurements, discuss your needs, and explain everything that goes into the quote we create for you.

Previous Work & References

When browsing the best paving companies near you, take the time to thoroughly research each company’s background and previous testimonials. Check out review sites like Yelp! to get important insights from those who’ve already utilized the contractors’ services. If possible, see if you can visit a recently completed job site so you know the quality you can expect.

If you take a look at the Rose Paving portfolio, it’s easy to see, in detail, the professional quality of the wide range of projects we’ve completed. When searching for the best paving contractor, transparency is vital. Our customer testimonials, success stories, and project profiles are all readily available for you to examine at your leisure.

Read our Success Stories!

Insurance Coverage

Often overlooked, the insurance coverage your paving contractor has is an important factor when choosing the right paving company for your needs. When working on your property, you want to be sure that their coverage protects both you and them in the event of an accident. Check for General Liability, Workman’s Compensation, and Auto Liability, and find out what the per-policy coverage is – $500,000 should be the minimum.

Sufficient Crew Members

Ask how many crew members will be sent out to work on your paving project. For the safety of the working crew and the quality of your project, Rose Paving always sends out a team with enough members to perform the work and provide quality assurance from start to finish.

Each team is different, depending on the demands of your individual project. Contractors who send out crews with too few members may not have your best interest at heart. Not only does a short crew cause unnecessary delays, but also impacts the quality of your finished project. The best paving contractor will be sure to send out a team large enough to complete your project on time and on budget.


Machines that are not well-maintained will break down. Breakdowns cause delays. Asphalt cools quickly after it has been laid, and a machine that doesn’t run efficiently can cause integral faults and cosmetic blemishes. When researching regional paving companies, take a look at the equipment they use. At Rose Paving, our machines run efficiently for every project we complete. Keeping our equipment maintained means a better end result for our customer.

Be sure to avoid any paving contractor who claims they can pave asphalt by hand with the same quality and efficiency of machinery. This simply is not true.


Not all asphalt is created equal—choose a paving contractor who uses only the highest quality asphalt, like we do. High-quality asphalt is considerably more durable and has a much better appearance than a low-quality mix.

If you want a paving company that you can rely on no matter what the job is, get in touch with Rose Paving now. Don’t put it off for another day, contact us today and get the wheels of your job in motion.