40th Anniversary – A Brief History

Rose Paving / January 22, 2014

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40-Years of PavingTwo-thousand fourteen marks a milestone anniversary for Rose Paving.  It was 40 years ago when Alan Rose, CEO, bought his brother Mike’s striping business to become sole owner of Rose Paving Co.  Immediately Alan began investing in new equipment and additional employees in order to provide a wide-range of maintenance services.

Through the years, Rose Paving has become well known not only for reliable parking lot maintenance and repair services, but also for educating customers throughout the process.  Back in 1984, Rose Paving produced and hosted the first-ever facilities maintenance conference for existing and prospective customers.  It continues to be held biennially.

In 2002, Alan Rose began strategizing about improving and expanding the business nationwide.  Through his efforts, the company grew sales by 20% in that year alone.  And, since that time, additional offices have opened, increasing sales between 10-30% each year.

Ed Campbell, president, and Chris Tanner, senior vice president, became partners in 2009.  Vice president, Tim Chimack, was extended and accepted partnership in 2012.

There is no doubt Rose Paving has come a long way in 40 years.  Today, with an extensive service offering and customers stretching from coast-to-coast in the U.S., Rose Paving is the largest service provider focused on parking lot management.  The company consists of over 150 employees, spread over 5 offices nationwide.

We can’t wait to celebrate all of these amazing years with you—our loyal clients!  Our first 40th Anniversary Party occurs in Atlanta on March 6th at our office in Norcross, Georgia.  Additional events, all of which are seventies-themed, will follow at our offices in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.  We hope you will ‘be there or be square!’