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Rose Paving has been an expert for 40 years maintaining parking lots. Our office in the Los Angeles area performs pavement maintenance for commercial, industrial, and residential condominium, cooperative and homeowner communities in the city and surrounding suburbs.   We can even design the markings on your lot to maximize space, increase traffic flow, and meet legal guidelines all at the same time. Parking lots and other pavement surfaces in Los Angeles and the surrounding region endure extreme weather conditions such as intense UV-ray exposure, and water runoff. But, successful parking lot maintenance also depends on understanding our clients’ unique operations, budget, and scheduling needs. The result is more than just a surface transformation; it is a partnership that delivers, above all, peace of mind. Expect more Los Angeles…and go beyond with Rose Paving.


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Open House

Open House & Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Office, which has experienced rapid growth, is relocating from Pomona to Santa Fe Springs into a newly constructed facility. Rose Paving broke ground at the end of August and is set to finish the building next month. The new, state-of-the-art office will provide our team in Los Angeles with much-needed space for equipment as well as current and future employees. This exciting expansion coincides with our company’s fortieth year in operation. To celebrate, we are hosting an […]

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Atlanta Paving

Business Update: Atlanta Paving

Periodically, we like to provide a business update to our loyal blog readers. This time, our Atlanta paving team sat down to answer a few questions about the state-of-paving-affairs in the Peach State.  What is trending right now in the Atlanta paving market? After many years of deferred maintenance, many properties in the Atlanta area have been undergoing structural pavement repair such as resurfacing or reconstruction. Our focus in 2015 will be to help these properties get back on track […]

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True or False

Paving Truths and Falsehoods

It’s a fact that property and facility managers juggle numerous tasks simultaneously. And, with a full plate, parking lot maintenance can sometimes be deferred or even overlooked. But, we’d like to remind our readers that, as one of the most costly and extensive areas of a property or facility, it is especially important to make the right decisions at the right time concerning pavement upkeep. Understanding timing and other factors affecting parking lot maintenance will save your organization money and […]

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