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Rose PavingRose Paving / September 27, 2017   |   Project Profiles

Rose Paving Spotlight on Atlanta Office

Recent Paving Projects from the Rose Paving Atlanta Office

Pavement in Atlanta and the surrounding region faces unique challenges: it has to endure extreme weather conditions such as intense UV-ray exposure as well as excess rain. With more than 40 years of experience, Rose Paving’s Atlanta team is up to the task. As the pioneer of parking lot maintenance, we provide a truly comprehensive customer experience that keeps your business needs top of mind at all times. Here are some recent successes from Rose Paving’s Atlanta team we wanted to celebrate: tight timelines that were met with ease, creative strategies to accommodate client needs, and situations where we rolled with the punches when projects took an unexpected turn. Our Atlanta office exemplifies the Rose Paving difference with an unyielding commitment to our clients.

A Dilapidated Lot Repaved In A Weekend

Industry: Real Estate Location: Alpharetta, Ga. When a realty company in Alpharetta, Ga. approached our Atlanta office to give their parking lot a facelift, the site was long overdue for improvements. The surface was cracked, uneven and unsightly, and had a partial surface patch at the center that starkly contrasted with the original asphalt. It was unpleasant to drive across, and the paint defining their parking spaces had faded almost completely, confusing customers. They needed a fresh look, but didn’t want to close down and lose any business while we updated their lot. Over the course of a single weekend, our team executed four panels of asphalt patching and repair, sealcoating to prevent future cracks and surface issues, and fresh lot marking that made their business look inviting and professional: all in time for their work week to start on Monday morning. BEFORE: AFTER:

A Total Parking Lot Reconstruction in Alpharetta

Industry: Property Management Service Location: Alpharetta, Ga. You never know what’s lurking beneath the surface of a concrete paving project. This lot in Alpharetta, Ga. looked rough, but we didn’t know how damaged it was until we started the process of repairing the crumbling and uneven sections of the surface. There we discovered issues with the graded aggregate base (GAB) that made the underlying ground excessively soft, which would have meant these same cracks would have resurfaced soon if we had only resurfaced the lot. Instead, we removed and replaced the areas where the base was failing, then overlayed new asphalt and restriped the lot, giving it a fresh look that was easy for visitors to navigate. BEFORE: AFTER:

Work Around The Clock? So Will We

Industry: Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier Location: Atlanta, Ga. An industrial supply company in Atlanta needed their 100,000-plus square foot facility restriped. They also needed us to work around their 24/7 operation schedule and allow them to keep their doors open all day and all night. We knew they didn’t want to have to go through this process again soon; as we took inventory of their property, we found a need for additional sealcoating and epoxy, and knew that if we incorporated it into our efforts now, it would save them major headaches in the future. We worked with the client to map out a schedule that tackled their semi bays and interior warehouse floor section by section so their work was never interrupted, ultimately knocking out everything on their overdue to-do list: 100,000-plus square feet of sealcoating, 7,000 feet of cracksealing, 200-plus exterior stalls and a two-part epoxy for the interior warehouse striping. If you work around the clock, we will too, and we’ll get the job done right and done quickly. BEFORE: AFTER: