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Custome Reviews – Southern California

Our Southern California staff aims to complete our work so smoothly that your end users simply have no feedback; when everything is said and done, we know that no news is good news for you!

Rose Paving has been a Godsend for my communities – always professional, reliable and most importantly performs the best craftmanship and product for my clients. Much thanks to Ryan Strzalka for introducing me to Rose Paving and forming a partnership that I am so thankful for. He stands by his products and performance and I respect this immensely!

I do and will always recommend Rose Paving to other colleagues in my industry!

Melinda Torres, Account Executive, Seabreeze Management
Rose Paving did a wonderful job bringing our parking lot back to life. They were in touch with us every step of the way.
Lovie Wardlaw

Rose Paving not only did an excellent job on the project but their customer service and communication skills are amazing! Will definitely recommend them going forward.

Kathy Small

Our work with Trish Vanderpool and the team at Rose Paving for Highland Village Homeowners Association aimed to help prolong the life of aged community streets, while keeping in mind the community was not properly funded. The board was thrilled when Trish was able to offer recommended repairs that kept costs low and extended the life of the streets while other companies were only recommending much more extensive repairs without options. What we appreciated most about working with Trish was her ability to understand our Association, its processes, and the genuine ownership she takes in providing service to our communities based on its needs.

Jason McGowan

I have worked with Rose Paving several times, and I’m always pleased. The bidding process has always been great. From the job walks, through obtaining the bids, they never have any trouble getting them on time for our board meetings. In addition, they’re always thorough and detailed – which my board really appreciates – pricing is always competitive, then when it comes to the actual quality of the work, it is always done well. I can think of maybe one time that we had an issue, and it was resolved without any problem, and there wasn’t any push back. I will continue to use Rose in our bidding process.

Jennifer Sanders

Each and everyone associated with the job at Mountain View Estates did an outstanding job. Every aspect of the job was professionally done from the foreman down the ladder to each employee. I was on site from beginning to end and would like to point out during the duration of the three days I never saw any member of the crew goofing off or sitting down – what a remarkable team. I look forward to doing business with Rose Paving in the future.

Darlene Olsen

During the course of 6 years on assignment I’ve had the pleasure of working Rose Paving. The projects we have worked on together include resurfacing/milling, seal coat & striping, sewer drain repairs amongst other smaller repair projects. While working with Rose Paving I have experienced great results not only on work but customer service. Finished product has been excellent with continued communication and follow-up given on each job – large or small. Rose Paving has continued to meet my expectations and I would highly recommend their services without reservation.

Cara J. Chearo

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with the Rose Paving Team. They have provided parking lot services for my properties and I have had excellent results each time. The quality of work is exceptional, service is always timely and efficient and I never worry about attention to detail. Rose Paving LLC exceeded my expectations from the first telephone call to the completed project. I would highly recommend them without reservation.

Marlies Hansen

I really enjoy working with the Rose Paving Team, I never have to worry when I need something done because they are immediately there. Very responsive and helpful. Every project given to them has been done in a timely manner and smooth sailing. Not only are my tenants happy with their work but I am ecstatic.

Mariela Gutierrez

“Rose Paving is a valuable member of our maintenance and construction teams. Their annual audit of our properties and straightforward discussions on conditions help us create and prioritize an ongoing capital plan. Their project management team is the best in the business. They take personal pride in the execution of each project no matter the size.”

Cushman & Wakefield of Illinois

I appreciate the dedication and professionalism you have shown us. I’m very happy that Terra Bella Gardens will be working with you.

Terra Bella Gardens