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Infrared Pothole Repair Year-Round

Rose PavingRose Paving / December 05, 2017

Infrared technology is an innovative way to repair potholes during the season’s lowest temperatures Asphalt is a popular material choice for many parking lots because of its durability, cost-effectiveness and its ability to withstand heavier loads. With regular maintenance, asphalt can last many years and survive many seasons. While the ideal time to winterize your…

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Pavement Maintenance Tips

Rose PavingRose Paving / August 13, 2014

As soon as freshly laid hot asphalt begins to cool, the aging process begins. From that moment on, asphalt is broken down by oil, gas, sun oxidation, salt, water penetration, and cold weather. Refer to the following tips when making decisions regarding preventative maintenance on your parking lot(s): Carefully inspect your pavement on a regular…

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Beautify your parking lot for Spring

Rose PavingRose Paving / April 23, 2014

Spring is the time to get in shape for summer; whether that means hitting the gym before swimsuit season or de-cluttering your house, ‘tis the season for new beginnings.  Your business can also benefit from a re-fresh, starting with your pavement.  Now is the time to evaluate, prioritize, and schedule repairs for your parking lots. …

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Maintenance Madness

Rose PavingRose Paving / March 12, 2014

We’re fast approaching Maintenance Madness, oops, I mean March Madness!  There will be cheering, jeering, underdogs, and favored teams all competing in game-after-game of college hoops.  A fun time for all…  Or, is it?  Unfortunately, this month is also known for other opponents.  Snow, ice, and excess rainwater wreak havoc on pavement causing maintenance madness…

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Pothole Patrol

Rose PavingRose Paving / February 22, 2012

At this time of year, potholes begin popping up in parking lots across the country. Why? The culprit is water. Water that has seeped through cracks and remained trapped beneath the surface of your parking lot has expanded and contracted all winter long with varying weather conditions. This process results in crack widening and, in some cases, the formation of potholes.

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Awesomely Bad Pavement: Volume 2

Rose PavingRose Paving / July 06, 2011

Alligator cracking, potholes, buckled pavement – oh MY! We’ve gathered some more of the most excellent defects in parking lots we’ve seen. Enjoy – and if you recognize any of these heinous happenings, give us a call – we can help!

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Potholes, potholes, potholes!

Rose PavingRose Paving / March 24, 2010

Have you ever driven to the grocery store to pick up the main course only to find yourself in the middle of an obstacle course once you arrive?  Potholes in the parking lot can be a very frustrating and dangerous situation.  And, they seem to appear every year at this time!  Why do you ask?…

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