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Rose Paving’s Guide to ADA Compliance in Georgia

Rose Paving / April 24, 2020

Is your Georgia parking lot ADA Compliant?  The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees equal access to people with disabilities and  requires privately owned Places of Public Accommodation to comply with accessibility standards.  Rose Paving Atlanta has created this Guide to ADA compliance to ensure Georgia business and property owners have everything they need to keep…

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Tips on Repairing Asphalt Damage from Atlanta’s Heat and Humidity

Rose Paving / March 15, 2019

It’s hot in Georgia. Just about anywhere you go in the Peach State, you’re likely to run into sweltering heat and sticky humidity. Summer temperatures regularly reach the nineties, and in 2018 Georgia reached its second hottest day in history. Combine Georgia’s record-breaking heat with Atlanta’s annual accumulation of rainfall, and you have the ingredients…

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