Category: Pavement Marking

Jobsite Photos: Rose Paving

Teri Kasprzak / August 22, 2012

We sure have been busy this summer!  Check out some of our recent jobsite photos in the Chicago land area – from sealcoating and concrete to resurfacing.  We look forward to finishing the season strong! Visit our Facebook Page and follow our Senior Project Manager on Twitter @RPProjectMgr to see more photos and get real…

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No Snow? Go Pro…with Proactive Parking Lot Maintenance

Teri Kasprzak / March 28, 2012

This winter has been atypical in many parts of the country. Record snowfalls were predicted and instead most places experienced yo-yo temperatures and very little snowfall accumulation. That is good news for two reasons: you saved money on snow removal and you can afford proactive parking lot maintenance (which will further impact the bottom line!).

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A Closer Look at Lot Marking

Teri Kasprzak / June 01, 2011

Striping a newly paved parking lot is important for two main reasons–aesthetics and safety. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and promotes a positive image for the property. More importantly, striping serves to direct people safely around the parking lot by designating drive lanes, fire lanes, ADA-accessible areas, crosswalks, and parking…

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A.D.A. Requirements on Parking Lots

Teri Kasprzak / April 06, 2011

The Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) was passed in 1990 to ensure uniform compliance with standards for the benefit of those with disabilities. Its scope encompasses everything from the width of doorways and force required to open them to the use of Braille in elevators to assist the visually impaired.  Most common in relation to…

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