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4 S.T.E.P.s – ‘E’ is for Execution

Rose Paving / April 21, 2010

This week’s post will address the third step in the four-step program to successful parking lot management; please check back next week for the fourth and final step. After timetable, the third step is Execution. It is extremely helpful to have on-site project management once work commences.  The same project manager who facilitated the setup,…

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4 S.T.E.P.s – ‘T’ is for Timetable

Rose Paving / April 14, 2010

This week’s post will address the second step in the four-step program to successful parking lot management; please check back next week for the third step. After set-up, the second step is Timetable.  A seasoned project manager will be able to schedule pavement maintenance during whatever days of the week are preferred for the client….

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4 S.T.E.P.s in Parking Lot Management

Rose Paving / April 07, 2010

This week’s post will focus on the first step; please check back each week throughout the month of April for information on all four steps. Step 1 is Set-up.  Prior to beginning most paving projects, a map of the area in need of repair should be created and reviewed.  This document should include the number…

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FMC Recap

Rose Paving / March 31, 2010

Just one week ago, Rose Paving hosted our 11th Facilities Maintenance Conference in Downers Grove, Illinois. This half-day event educated facility and property management professionals from all over the country about sustainable strategies for success as well as methods to maintain pavement and delay structural repairs. Our team thoroughly enjoyed visiting with our clients and…

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FMC 2010

Rose Paving / March 17, 2010

In just seven days, on March 24, Rose Paving Company will host its 11th Facilities Maintenance Conference (FMC™) at Aramark in Downers Grove.  Wondering if this event is something you should attend?  Here are four simple questions to determine whether the FMC 2010 is right for you: Do you oversee maintenance on one, or multiple,…

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Get your property ready for Spring!

Rose Paving / March 10, 2010

Temps reached over forty degrees this weekend in Chicago!  Even with a little rain, what a great feeling!  Spring is coming!  Are you ready?  Is your property ready? Preventative parking lot maintenance not only serves to beautify your property, but it is a solution used to prevent further deterioration of a parking lot.  After a…

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Parking Lot Paving Trends

Rose Paving / February 03, 2010

There are several new trends affecting facility managers in 2010.  A small sampling includes the following:  working smarter by cross-training and maintaining existing staff, maintaining a cleaner and healthier facility (in response to the recent H1N1 virus outbreak), and utilizing green-friendly alternatives in everyday maintenance practices.   Notice any similarities?  They all focus on the concept…

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