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Good Neighbor Award from Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine

Rose Paving / February 18, 2015

In late January, Alan Rose, our CEO had the prestigious honor of accepting the 2015 Good Neighbor Award from Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine at the National Pavement Expo in Nashville. Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction hosts and presents industry awards to individuals and companies who have in one way or another – through their professionalism; dedication to…

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Solving Your Pavement Maintenance Concerns

Rose Paving / August 06, 2014

This time of year, many property owners and property managers need to evaluate their parking surfaces, due to environmental damage, general liabilities, and overall wear and tear.  If you or someone you know needs help in assessing the damage and learning more about how to address various issues on your property  – check out our…

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Alan Rose: Breathing Hope Into Asthma Research

Rose Paving / July 23, 2014

Despite his athletic abilities as a child, Alan Rose was often benched due to severe asthma. “I remember it affecting me the most around fifth grade,” says Rose. “My shortness of breath would impede my ability to participate in sports to the full extent.” Rose, now CEO of Rose Paving Co., a leader in national…

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Is Your Parking Lot Legal?

Rose Paving / February 19, 2014

Parking lot compliance, according to the regulations set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is more important now than ever before.  Not only is lack of compliant ADA parking designations or truncated warning domes, for example, considered a liability which may result in personal injury, but it is also in direct violation of…

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40th Anniversary – A Brief History

Rose Paving / January 22, 2014

Two-thousand fourteen marks a milestone anniversary for Rose Paving.  It was 40 years ago when Alan Rose, CEO, bought his brother Mike’s striping business to become sole owner of Rose Paving Co.  Immediately Alan began investing in new equipment and additional employees in order to provide a wide-range of maintenance services. Through the years, Rose…

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How to Make Your Awesomely Bad Photos Awesome

Rose Paving / July 10, 2013

As an extension of last week’s Awesomely Bad Pavement Photo Contest announcement, this week’s post will focus on a few ways you can make any photo you take a little more awesome.

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Managing your Parking Lot Portfolio

Rose Paving / April 24, 2013

For many years, the paving industry has promoted pavement management planning or PMP to help facility professionals optimize pavement maintenance for multiple parking lots. While PMP is still an important tool for any facility manager, it alone cannot produce real-time condition reports and projected costs for an entire parking lot portfolio. An inventory management system can fill in the gaps and provide valuable benefits. With an inventory, it is possible to track pavement condition for multiple sites without even leaving the office. Furthermore, maintenance history and repair recommendations can be logged to assist with budgeting for and scheduling future preventative or structural maintenance.

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Crack sealing & Lot marking: Timing is Everything

Rose Paving / February 06, 2013

Winter is here and some of your parking lots may already be covered in snow, but that does not mean they should be buried on your checklist. In fact, winter is the perfect time to budget and plan for springtime parking lot maintenance repairs. In particular, crack sealing should be at the top of the list. Why? In simple terms, the answer is water. Wet weather throughout the winter months wreaks havoc on your pavement. Melting snow or rain seeps into cracks and softens or weakens the sub-base.

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Seasonal Parking Lot Repairs

Rose Paving / January 23, 2013

Even though your parking lot might be covered in snow, your pavement should not be buried on your checklist. Regardless of your location(s), asphalt and concrete repairs can and should be addressed throughout the winter months to prevent the spread of problem areas and to mitigate potential liabilities. After all, just one slip-and-fall injury could result in costly litigation, increased insurance premiums, and worst of all–a tarnished image.

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Football Season’s Here!

Rose Paving / September 05, 2012

We can’t believe it’s that time already, either.  This week, the NFL season officially kicks off.  Where did the summer go?   Some of us are probably relieved the extremely steamy temperatures are behind us.

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