A Closer Look at Sealcoating

Teri Kasprzak / May 04, 2011

Sealcoating is one of the most important elements of a pavement management plan. A sealcoat consists of either coal tar pitch or asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, emulsifying agents, or additives.

Sealcoating should be considered for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it protects and prolongs the life expectancy of your parking lot. It accomplishes this by sealing over the liquid asphalt cement that holds together the aggregate and small fines within the pavement. The sealant prevents the surface from becoming porous and separating along seams and end cracks. Sealcoating also enhances the aesthetic appeal of a parking lot. Over time, the surface of asphalt pavement oxidizes and becomes gray or faded in appearance. Sealcoating provides a vibrant black finish that nicely contrasts with striping, clearly distinguishing pavement markings.

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A Closer Look at Asphalt Repair

Teri Kasprzak / April 27, 2011

Asphalt is the material of choice for parking lots across the nation because it withstands heavier loads and, when combined with proper asphalt maintenance, lasts for many years. As asphalt pavement progresses through its performance lifecycle, its appearance diminishes over time.  Therefore, it’s extremely important to develop a pavement management plan so your investment lasts…

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Rose Paving is a Repeat Winner among the 2011 Best Places to Work in Illinois

Teri Kasprzak / April 20, 2011

Rose Paving Co., a leader in national parking lot management, has been selected once again as one of the 2011 Best Places to Work in Illinois. This workplace analysis and competition is began in 2006 and is promoted by The Daily Herald Business Ledger in partnership with the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Illinois State Council, the Workforce Boards of Metropolitan Chicago, and managed by Best Companies Group.

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RePLAY™: Good for more than just your pavement

Teri Kasprzak / April 13, 2011

Each year, as Earth Day approaches, products using terms such as “green,” “sustainable,” or “eco-friendly” appear front and center.  Today, there is no shortage of companies producing or promoting such products.  What a difference 41 years makes.  Yes, Earth Day is turning 41 this year having first begun as a grassroots movement on April 22,…

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A.D.A. Requirements on Parking Lots

Teri Kasprzak / April 06, 2011

The Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) was passed in 1990 to ensure uniform compliance with standards for the benefit of those with disabilities. Its scope encompasses everything from the width of doorways and force required to open them to the use of Braille in elevators to assist the visually impaired.  Most common in relation to…

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Rose Paving Celebrates Opening Day at the Ballparks

Teri Kasprzak / March 30, 2011

Hey, look!  Is it that time already?  Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is tomorrow – Thursday, March 31!  Why does it seem a little early, you ask?  Well, the MLB adopted the recommendation of The Commissioner’s Special Committee for On-Field Matters to begin the regular season earlier and mid-week to avoid playing World Series games…

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Rose Paving Launches New Company Website

Teri Kasprzak / March 23, 2011

Rose Paving Company, an industry leader in parking lot management solutions and services, announced today the launch of a brand new company website.  Completely redesigned, the new website has undergone significant updates in the areas of content, design, and navigation. The site’s updated structure offers visitors faster, easier access to essential information. The new site…

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A Closer Look at Concrete Repair

Teri Kasprzak / March 16, 2011

Concrete is one of the most important construction materials used in a variety of site structures – especially parking lots!  Well-designed and properly applied concrete offers exceptional durability and long life in any structure.  However, concrete ages too.  In fact, once the mix has been laid and dries, the aging process begins.  As concrete progresses…

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Rose Paving Company – Striving for Excellence

Teri Kasprzak / March 09, 2011

One of the best employee benefits Rose Paving Company has to offer is a winning culture.  I have been with Rose Paving for four years and have watched our business culture mature amongst continued growth and expansion.  Trying to describe culture is like trying to bottle air.  An organization’s culture is something employees feel and…

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Health & Wellness Update

Teri Kasprzak / March 02, 2011

As we (hopefully) enter a change in seasons here in the Midwest, how are you doing with your health and wellness this year?  Did you make a health and wellness-related resolution WAY back in January?  And, did you keep it? Here at Rose Paving, we try and incorporate health and wellness into many daily activities. …

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