The Definitive Guide to Sealcoating

Rose PavingRose Paving / April 12, 2018   |   Articles / Sealcoating
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guide to sealcoating

Everything you need to know about sealcoating your lot

Now that spring has sprung, it’s officially the beginning of sealcoating season. Sealcoating is an important element in any preventative maintenance effort as it protects your surfaces from oxidation and moisture that cause wear and tear. Learn how this service helps get your parking lot ready to weather the busy spring and summer months.

What is sealcoating?

Sealcoat is a mixture of either coal tar pitch or asphalt cement mixed with other agents like fillers, water, emulsifying agents or additives. When applied in thin layers, the sealcoat protects paved surfaces against the scourge of chemicals, snow salt, water and ultraviolet rays. Watch this video for an aerial view of a parking lot starting to look healthier as our crews carefully apply sealcoat to the asphalt.

Why sealcoat?

Sealcoat acts as a waterproofing material, making parking lots more resistant to moisture that results in cracked surfaces and potholes. It also makes asphalt impervious to gas and oil spills that threaten the structural integrity of the parking lot. Restaurants often find sealcoating beneficial as it protects the asphalt from the high volume water pressure and detergents used in pressure washing.

There’s also an aesthetic element to sealcoating. The dark black sealant makes the pavement look brand new, while also evening out the surface, making them easier to sweep and clean. As an added bonus, the darker your pavement is, the more of the sun’s rays it can absorb, resulting in pliable pavements that withstand all types of traffic. The overall effect of sealcoating is a stronger, shinier lot that invites guests and customers in.

When can I sealcoat?

Sealcoat has to dry, making the spring and summer months prime sealcoat time all across the nation. After conducting your post-winter damage assessment and mapping out all the areas that require service, call in an expert like Rose Paving to find long-term solutions. Sealcoat can minimize the damage that the cold, wet months wreak on asphalt, meaning fewer stopgap measures and more predictable budgets for the year ahead.

The best time to sealcoat is now so there’s no time to lose. Protect and beautify your parking lot by booking your sealcoat service today.