Recovering from Winter – Top 6 Paving Repairs

Teri Kasprzak / March 05, 2014   |   Asphalt / Catch Basin / Concrete / Crack Sealing / Pavement Marking / Sealcoating

paving repairsThis winter, for much of the country, has been a record-breaker.  Chicago, for example, has measured over 67 inches of snowfall (29 inches above average) and experienced more days of zero-degree or colder temperatures than any other winter season.  Meanwhile, other regions continue to zig-zag between warm, spring-like temperatures one day and blizzard conditions the next.  As such, it’s safe to say the weather has not only affected our moods, but it has also wreaked havoc on our pavement.

Better weather and brighter days* are coming, however, so we can’t use it as an excuse.  Regardless of whether it might still be covered in snow, your pavement should not be buried on your checklist.  Now is the perfect time to address asphalt and concrete repairs to prevent the spread of problem areas and to mitigate potential liabilities.

The first step is inspection.  Pick a mild day and walk your pavement to assess the damage caused after a long winter of heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, excess salting/sanding, and snowplow damage.  Common problem areas include pavement cracking, heaving, or rutting; potholes; curb and bumper-block damage; oxidized pavement; and faded line striping or other markings.  Solutions may include one or more of the following paving repairs:

  1. Removal and replacement
  2. Infrared asphalt repair
  3. Crack sealing
  4. Seal coating
  5. Lot marking
  6. Catch basin adjustment

Enlist the help of your Rose Paving representative.  He or she can identify and prioritize paving repairs so that your budget dollars are spent at the right time and in the most effective manner.  A great first impression this spring is certain to help drive business to your door!

*Don’t forget to “spring ahead” this Sunday, March 9; say good-bye to dreary days and hello to some much-needed sunshine!