Rose Paving: Eco-Friendly Every Day

Rose PavingRose Paving / April 16, 2018   |   About Us
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Rose Paving newly painted and paved parking lot

Our teams live every day like it’s Earth Day

While the world recognizes the importance of environmental protection on April 22, 2018, Rose Paving embraces green paving methods out in the field and in the office every day. We’re conscious about how we spend our scarce resources – from gas, to paper to asphalt – and always offer clients an array of recycled, green materials that protect their parking lots and the environment at the same time.

Our teams all over the country know that living green shouldn’t be a chore, but instead be an ongoing commitment. A project that speaks to our dedication to eco-friendly endeavors is the community garden at our Bridgeview Headquarters. Planted last year by our Great Place to Work team to celebrate Earth Day, the garden is still flourishing to this day and has yielded plenty of fruit (and vegetables) since.


After the garden was planted, our employees took turns to get out in the fresh air and tend to the plants. Not only did it feel incredible to see Mother Nature’s work in action, but tending to the garden together also fostered a sense of community among the team. To mark the first harvest, our employees gathered in the kitchen to eat a delicious farm-to-table salad and celebrate all the fruits of their labor.

Rose Paving vegetables from garden 1 Rose Paving vegetables from garden 2 Rose Paving vegetables from garden 1


Contact us today if you want to work with a team who cares about the bigger picture while keeping your needs top of mind. If you’re interested in learning more about how our environmental efforts can protect both the environment and your bottom line, read this article.