Seminars & Presentations

seminars_0 Rose Paving fosters a collaborative learning environment that promotes the sharing of resources and knowledge.

We achieve this in several different ways. Through interactive seminars presented on site with clients, board members, or management teams. Oftentimes, on-site presentations are accompanied by thorough site inspections to explain pavement defects, warning signs, and corrective action.

Additionally, we present at numerous tradeshows throughout the year on technical and non-technical topics ranging from pavement best practices to business management and motivation.

We’ve moderated industry roundtables, answered tough questions about how work should be done, and even given away some of our “trade secrets” about how to solve specific technical problems to other contractors.

Ultimately, we believe that continuing education enables clients to make well-informed decisions and helps contractors stay current with the latest industry trends and developments.

To schedule a multimedia presentation at your offices, please contact us.