TS.C.A.L.E.-Guidehe S.C.A.L.E. (Seal coating, Crack sealing, Asphalt, Lot marking Evaluation) Guide was created to explain the lifecycle of a parking lot including probable wear and tear along with maintenance techniques to maximize pavement condition.

Produced by Rose Paving, the S.C.A.L.E. Guide is the first reference book of its kind devoted to understanding and rating the surface condition of parking lots. It is designed for use by facility and property managers across the country to aid in the inspection process and prioritization of repairs.

Throughout the guide, color pictures illustrate different types of parking lot defects and repair procedures. Included is a full glossary of industry terms, a grading scale to help identify the current state of a parking lot, and a perforated parking lot evaluation form that can be completed on-site and then detached.

Copies of the publication are $29.99 each. To order, please Contact Us and enter your request in the “comments” field.